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Located in the heart of the city, Club Aqua Miami is a modern and elegant gay bathhouse. Moreover, it is a men’s fitness club featuring several amenities like a sauna, gym, steam bath, jacuzzi, locker room, outdoor swimming pool, and tropical patio. 

Established in 1972, the old Gay Sauna Body Center in Miami is now the new favorite Gay Bath House Club in Miami, as the facility has been recently refurbished. Furthermore, the club has a bunch of skilled staff that is courteous and attentive. And the premises remain open 24/7!

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Club Aqua Miami – With All The Details

Address: 2991 Coral Way, Miami

Phone: +1 305-448-2214


Club Aqua Miami, is situated in a prime location in Downtown Miami. Additionally, it is ideal for those seeking a break from the hectic Miami lifestyle. Moreover, the club provides the ideal setting for you to unwind and have fun.

Facilities at Club Aqua Miami

The luxurious gay bathhouse in downtown Miami has a myriad of amenities on its premises. Here are a few:

  • Comprehensive fitness center
  • A splendid sauna
  • A jacuzzi/whirlpool
  • A heated pool
  • A sun terrace
  • The cruising section features a maze and personal cubicles

Also, guests can relax in one of the lounge areas or bask in the sun’s warmth by the pool. So, Miami’s club Aqua provides new treats every day. This includes free beer on certain evenings, DJs and male dancers for another, and poolside banquets when you feel hungry. However, you’ll need to acquire a membership to obtain admission.

Explore Club Aqua Miami

Membership at Club Aqua Miami

Guests will have to purchase a membership to enter Club Aqua in Miami. Moreover, they need to show their Govt. Id to buy the membership and enter the bathhouse.

Check out the membership charges of the club:

  • Guests can purchase one-time membership at $12+ Taxes for the weekdays and $15+ Taxes for the Weekends.
  • Also, visitors can purchase Six-month membership at $42+ Taxes.

Locker Charges at Club Aqua Miami

The lockers and rooms are available at affordable cost at this club. So, the next time you are looking for an affordable option for getting a sauna, you can relax and have a great time with this club. Here are the charges for locker rooms:

  • Lockers cost $25 for weekdays and 
  • $20 for the weekends/holidays, respectively.

The room charges vary depending on the type as follows:

  • The charges for a regular dressing room are $25-$30 
  • Whereas the charges for the Dressing Room with Video are $26-$35
  • A Deluxe Dressing Room will cost around $35-$40
  • The VIP Dressing Room will cost around $37-$45.

Please note: The club accepts credit cards for payments.

Highlights of the Club

Club Aqua Miami Pool

Club Aqua Miami is an upstanding gay sauna and bathhouse in Coconut Grove. The “Clothing Optional Facility” contains everything you expect from a bathhouse, from a comprehensive fitness center to a spa, pool, video lounge, and jacuzzi.

Some of the highlights of the newly renovated Club Aqua in Miami are:

  • Located in a prime location.
  • Only 18+ adults are allowed in the club
  • Open 24×7, 7 days a week
  • Requires a membership, and govt id for entry
  • Prime services and amenities
  • Luxurious and clean rooms
  • Free Wifi across the entire club
  • Hosts Weekly Parties and Events, especially on the Fridays
  • Rooms and lockers are available at affordable rates
  • Highly rated and favored by its visitors


Looking for a spot to unwind after a tiring day? Club Aqua Miami is the place to be. Moreover, this is among the best and oldest bathhouses for the gay community in Miami! Furthermore, this is the best club in the city for excellent sauna sessions.

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