Things To Do In Miami For Couples

There are several things to do in Miami for couples. Furthermore, the location, lifestyle, setting, and culture will give you plenty of options to rejoice in life with your loved one. And that is what this article is all about. Join us to know some of the best things to do when you are with your partner, exploring the city. 

Things to do in Miami for Couples

Here is your go-to list of things to do in Miami. If you are short of options, consider these things without a second thought.


Cruise Through Speedboat

Cruise Through Speedboat

The speedboat will be a good idea if you are short on time and have much to cover. On the speedboat excursion, you can easily explore the Miami shoreline in true Miami Vice fashion. As the speedboat is driven down the sandy shoreline, you can observe the collection of multi-million dollar and celebrity residences on Fisher Island. Moreover, you can also get a glimpse of Star Island as you relax in your luxurious seat.

Looking for things to do in Miami for couples? Well, a coastal speedboat tour of Miami View offers sceneries of opulent million-dollar residences on Fisher Island and Star Island. Travel along South Beach’s coast, lined with Art Deco houses. This will also give you a good chance to socialize and discover the background and culture of Miami. Taking pictures of Miami’s downtown skyline is an added itinerary.

Here are some popular speedboat tours to explore:


Take the Aerial Route – Things to do in Miami for Couples

Take the Aerial Route - Things to do in Miami for Couples

Couples seeking a thrilling and distinctive experience and is a good thing to do in Miami for couples. Moreover, you can ride a chopper over the city’s top attractions. Moreover, the pilots with exceptional skills and understanding will narrate the journey as they fly over urban sites, marinas, and other locations along the Atlantic coast.

Furthermore, you can take some incredible aerial photographs of Miami and its surroundings. In addition, the popular operator Miami Helicopter Inc. offers excursions that take off from a location to the north of Amelia Earhart Park and fly over Miami, Miami Beach, and South Miami Beach.


Miami Beach Parasailing

Miami Beach Parasailing

Miami Beach is one of the city’s most well-known landmarks. One of Miami’s best things to do as a couple is parasailing in this famous island neighborhood. The scenic views of waves and endless see alongside the high-rise coastline are a must-see.

 This excursion is the perfect fusion of tourist sightseeing and adventurous activity. As you soar above Biscayne Bay, Coconut Grove, and the Miami skyline, you’ll take in the sights before landing safely and with priceless memories.

Here are a few tours that you can book:


Explore Vizcaya Museum

Explore Vizcaya Museum

Because most visitors don’t even know it exists, this opulent villa isn’t one of Miami’s busiest tourist destinations. Moreover, the historic home of James Deering, which is in Coconut Grove on Biscayne Bay, was constructed to protect the mangrove swamps and the interior natural tropical trees.

Furthermore, the visitors are greeted with Renaissance gardens, a compound of old village outbuildings, lakes, swamps, and woods; once through the main gates, it quickly becomes apparent that this is one of the most excellent sites to visit when looking for Things to do in Miami for Couples. In addition, the explanation is relatively straightforward: this National Historic Landmark now doubles as a museum, engaging tourists and helping them connect with the past. The curators claim that experiences like these aid in understanding the present and influencing the future.

Address: 3251 S Miami Ave, Miami

Phone: +1 305-250-9133



Under the Stars at Phillip and Patrica Frost Museum

Under the Stars at Phillip and Patrica Frost Museum

What could be better than exploring the never-ending stars on a romantic tour? The popular Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is an entertaining activity for couples in Miami if you both have similar interests. This ground-breaking museum, which opened in 2017, is situated on Biscayne Bay, and the panorama of Downtown Miami will wow you.

You won’t get bored with the six levels of fascinating displays and the two rooftop viewing decks. Moreover, a telescope and an urban garden are also located on the top decks, where you can capture beautiful photos for your journey photo album as a pair. Furthermore, the Frost Planetarium might be one of the most unique Things to do in Miami for Couples. This could be of great interest to those of you looking to go on a date because it has one of the highest-definition visual systems in the world (8K visual system and 3D projectors).`

Address: 1101 Biscayne Blvd, Miami

Phone: +1 305-434-9600



The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

This ultra-Zen hotel spa is frequently considered among the best in the world. Moreover, it features a Turkish-style hammam, aroma steam room, Roman cascade hot tub, Finnish sauna, arctic plunge, mud lounge, and infinity pool, to name just a few attractions. It is a tranquil oasis just a short drive, bike ride, or walk from the busy center of SoBe, with a holistic approach that integrates mind, body, and spirit. This is one of the most intimate Things to do in Miami for Couples and you can enjoy a relaxing time with your partner with a good spa. 

Furthermore, couples can still schedule treatments in the exclusive spa rooms or outdoor mud lounges even if the famed facility is temporarily closed for renovations. You and your partner can detox with your choice of purifying French Marine Clay. After making your decisions, alternately apply the cool mud to your body before unwinding in a reclining chair by the bay.

Address: 40 Island Ave, Miami Beach, FL 

Phone: +1 305-673-1717



Visit South Beach – Things to do in Miami for Couples

Visit South Beach - Things to do in Miami for Couples

South Beach is home to upscale stores, eateries, and accommodations. Taking a South Beach culinary tour is among the area’s most intriguing activities and one of the best things to do in Miami for couples. A local guide will lead the trip and take you to restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, including Italian, French, Cuban, and Peruvian.

Further, after leaving Ocean Drive, you can stop at eateries and cafes on Lincoln Road, in the Art Deco District, and on Espanola Way. Moreover, you can also taste fantastic food and discover more about each place you stop along the road. After all, how can a good tour be completed without a tantalizing food tour, right?


We hope you loved the ideas about Things to do in Miami for Couples. With such amazing adventures and activities to do together, you will not be short of good memories. We hope this article helped you plan your couple’s getaway better.


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