Swan Miami – The Best Meals in the City!

Swan Miami is a notable name for enjoying some of the best meals. As this city is a major tourist destination, several hotels and restaurants have flourished to satisfy the taste buds of tourists and locals. Moreover, this restaurant in Miami offers lovely indoor and outdoor dining experiences with authentic rustic cuisines. 

Furthermore, it is established by David Grutman and Pharrell Williams, experts in the hospitality sector. So, let’s explore this amazing place in this article. 

Swan Miami – For the Best of Meals

Address: 90 NE 39th St, Miami

Phone: +1 305-704-0994


Swan Miami is located on NE 39th Street in Miami City, a friendly locality. It is a residential area that is known for its diverse demography. Moreover, diners of this restaurant can safely commute to their places, as this area is conveniently connected to all parts of the city. 

Miami Design District is the closest neighborhood to this street, famous for interior design stores, art galleries, and modern architectural pieces. NE 1st Avenue crosses this street, making transport facilities more convenient for people arriving at this restaurant. 

Dining at Swan Miami

Dining at Swan Miami

The new style of menu is the prime attraction of Swan in Miami. This restaurant offers a special menu for brunch, lunch, cocktail, dessert, and after 10 pm. Thus, customers can expect to find delicious dishes whenever they step into Swan restaurant for meals. 

Brunch: The brunch or late morning meal is available on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm. Moreover, the menu consists of a buttermilk pancake, apple pie cinnamon bun, goat cheese omelet, ham, truffle omelet, guava and cheese French toast, and smoked salmon. 

Lunch: Furthermore, lunch is available from Monday to Friday, almost at the same time as brunch. It is delivered to customers from 12 pm to 4 pm on all working days, making Swan Miami a popular dining site for employees of different organizations.

Dinner: The menu for dinner after 10 pm consists of a burger, tiger prawns, stone crab claws, and salmon as the main course items. In addition, customers can also order truffle fries, popcorn, brussels sprouts, and broccolini as side dishes. Different varieties of pasta and pizza are also available at this time.

Private Parties at Swan Miami

Private Parties at Swan Miami

Swan in Miami offers the facility to hold parties in this restaurant. Further, the customers can hold an intimate party with just a few close friends or a large party with a number of guests up to 400. In addition, there are designed spaces for organizing parties here. Customers can also ask for customized parties with special menus and other arrangements for their guests. There is no dress code for dining at Swan in Miami or attending these parties here. People only need to call up at the given number and ask to organize private parties for them in this restaurant. 


Swan Miami has a lounge bar where various types of wine, beer, and cocktails are available for customers. Since it remains open till late at night, all necessary facilities are offered for the convenience of customers. Moreover, they can dance to the tunes of music played here for entertainment. Additionally, there are private rooms that customers can reserve for dining while maintaining their privacy. Furthermore, they can also book tables to dine outdoors or on the patio to enjoy the scenic beauty while relishing their food. All the areas of this restaurant are accessible to wheelchairs for customers who cannot walk due to injuries or sickness. 

Wrapping Up

In short, you can enjoy lavish meals at Swan Miami restaurant with your family and friends. Different kinds of fantastic menus await your order, which can be mouth-watering for you, inviting you to this restaurant again and again!

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