All About Hometown BBQ Miami

Hometown BBQ Miami is among the top joints in the city to relish and enjoy some of the best BBQs. Moreover, you will find all of the Texas specialties, including butter-soft brisket with a deep-magenta smoke ring. So, let’s have a look at this amazing barbecue restaurant!

Hometown BBQ Miami

Address: 1200 NW 22nd St #100, Miami, FL

Phone: +1 305-396-4551

The restaurant’s specialties, including beef ribs, brisket, lamb belly Bahn mi, smoked wings, and smoked turkey are on the menu. Moreover, the meats are offered by the pound, and standard sides like mac ‘n cheese are also available. 

You will also find marbled ribs on the menu of Hometown BBQ Miami. Along with some thick-cut bacon encased in a hot jerk flavor, a refreshing coleslaw, rich-as-hell mac ‘n’ cheese, and jalapeno-studded corn pudding. The housemade cheddar jalapeno sausage is also delectable.

Hometown BBQ Miami food

For dinner, the restaurant goes full-service, with servers and certain premium dining dishes that aren’t available in New York. These are specially created by the restaurant’s chief chef, Alex Smith. Dishes like wood-fired Oaxacan chicken, full smoked lamb breast served with housemade kimchi and cucumber and designed to be eaten in bibb lettuce wraps, and tamarind glazed chicken hearts.

Locally, they’ve also expanded their wood-fired menu to include vegetarian options, such as fire-roasted mushrooms broccoli on the plancha with charred poblano crème. If you go to barbecue restaurants for the sides, Hometown BBQ Miami is the place to go. 

Drinks at Hometown BBQ Miami,

The bar offers 16 wines by the glass and beers from local breweries such as Tripping Animals and Beat Culture. There are also creative cocktails, such as the Hometown Gin and Tonic prepared with roommate tonic and the Oak Old Fashioned with plenty of smoky flavors. 

A Beautiful Space

The Allapattah restaurant is in a massive open-air warehouse with some extra garden seating. The 200-seat indoor/outdoor space features a large neon Hometown BBQ Miami sign that greets customers at the entrance. There is also a Nordic-style white oak table, a blue steel bar, a massive open kitchen.

A Hometown BBQ Miami Specialty

A Hometown BBQ Miami Specialty

Hometown BBQ in Miami is a restaurant that offers a unique BBQ experience. Here are the best features of this place:

Authentic BBQ: This BBQ is known for its authentic BBQ flavors and dishes made with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

Smoked meats: The restaurant specializes in smoking various meats, including brisket, pork, chicken, and sausage, giving them a delicious smoky flavor.

Comfort food: Hometown BBQ in Miami serves classic comfort food dishes such as mac and cheese, coleslaw, and cornbread, making it a perfect place for a comfort food-filled meal.

Craft cocktails: It also offers a selection of craft cocktails made with fresh ingredients and unique flavors to complement the delicious BBQ dishes.


Hometown BBQ Miami is a must-try for delicious, authentic barbecue in a laid-back atmosphere. The service is friendly and attentive, and the prices are reasonable, given the generous portions. Overall, Hometown BBQ is an excellent spot for a casual meal.


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