Tacombi Miami For The Perfect Mexican Cuisine!

Tacombi Miami is a fantastic spot for Mexican cuisine that you can enjoy right in the middle of Miami. Moreover, you can have the best of both worlds with the ambience representing Mexico and the delectable dishes on the menu. So, explore this fantastic spot and learn about it in this article. 

All About Tacombi Miami

Address: 1688 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach

Phone: +1 786-558-5607


The Unique Story of Tacombi Miami

Born on the sand-dusted Playa Del Carmen streets and the balmy beaches of the Yucatan in 2006, Tacombi Miami has become an excellent destination for delicious and authentic Mexican tacos, ice-cold beer, and cocktails. Furthermore, they began the journey with the 1963 Combi bus in Mexico and expanded their business gradually. 

The Unique Story of Tacombi Miami

In 2010, they introduced their first taqueria in New York, in a downtown garage. Then they opened more outlets in DC and Miami. During their journey, they also began making their own traditional and authentic Vista Hermosa tortilla products that witnessed massive popularity.

Additionally, they serve world-class and authentic Mexican food items, including margaritas and guacamole, in a beautiful taqueria setting. 

Your Only Destination in Miami for Mexican Food

With a menu that houses a wide range of food items, Tacombi Miami is inspired by traditional Mexican street food with a modern twist. The restaurant uses only fresh, high-quality ingredients, making everything from scratch. Diners can choose from various tacos, including classics like al pastor and carnitas and unique options like crispy fish and vegetarian mushroom tacos. The guacamole is a must-try, made with ripe avocados, fresh lime juice, and cilantro.

Further, if you look at the interior of the Tacombi Miami, you will find it very charming, with a yellow and green tile floor that may look pulled from a laundromat. They are knee-crushing stools in the outlet facing into the kitchen. The dining space has elegant white card tables along with church-basement folding chairs. The place provides the guests with a comfortable environment where they can sit relaxed and enjoy delicious Mexican food.

Tacombi Community Kitchen

Tacombi in Miami is also well-known for its Tacombi Community Kitchen. The kitchen makes and offers wholesome and healthy Mexican meals to people who really need them. 

They are now committed to growing and expanding this popular non-profit initiative and helping the city to deal with food insecurity. Till now, the TCK has donated more than 400,000 meals to people. They have partnered with well-community organizations, like Voces Latinas, LSA, Mercy Center, Mixteca Organization, Church of the Good Shepherd, and more.

Exploring the Menu

Tacombi Miami food

Tacombi Miami’s menu includes food items for all. A meal in Tacombi can go in two different ways. They have a takeout facility and a lot of tables in the outlet where you can enjoy your tacos with margaritas.

Moreover, if you want to try something delicious, you can opt for Baja Crispy Fish Tacos. They are super crispy. Besides, you can go for the nortena quesadilla with charred beef strips and crumbled queso Blanco.

The menu includes entradas, tacos y tostadas, quesadillas and more. For quesadillas, you can opt for tier Gallo or Gringa options. They also offer freshly prepared cocktails, like Sandia Santa, Mezcal Mule, Margarita, and more. Their Lupita Lime Soda and Orange Soda are also quite popular.

Wrapping Up

When you are in Miami and looking for a perfect place to have authentic Mexican foods, then this is the place where you should visit. Tacombi Miami should be your option when you want food and drinks before your night out or to look for some best tacos in Miami to take home. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Tacombi Miami now!


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