5 Gyms in Miami

The gyms in Miami are a gateway to your fitness journey. Maybe you’re feeling guilty about the nine pounds of gravy you ate for Thanksgiving. Or you’re achieving a New Year’s resolution early. Or perhaps you want to experiment. Whatever the motivation behind your quest for a fitness center, know that many gyms are available in Miami to help you achieve your fitness goal.

Explore 5 Gyms in Miami 

Here are Miami’s top gyms in no particular order. You can scan the details and make the first contact with the information below.


FORM50 Fitness Miami

FORM50 Fitness Miami

Let us start our list with a unique approach to health. The FORM50 is the newest and most modest way of excitingly bringing fitness to our lives. Moreover, the main focus here is on the 50 minutes workout that can change our life for good. The high-intensity low, impact training is what coaches focus on in this upscale gym venue.

Furthermore, this gym in Miami is well suited for both experienced and beginners. There are plenty of trainers to help you with your fitness regime here. The company has a branch in New York too. The party playlist is something worth noticing here. The grooving sessions will turn the heat on and help you sweat, even if you are not in the mood to work out.

Location- 57 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 

Contact- +1 305-413-9193



Miami Strong Gyms in Miami

Miami Strong Gyms in Miami

For a traditional gymming approach, head on to Miami Strong Gym. This is one of the oldest and most popular gyms in the city. Moreover, you can experience a positive atmosphere here and train with experienced coaches and staff. In addition, the gym offers weight training sessions as well as unique fitness classes. Not just that, exceptional personal trainers are available for people looking to lose weight, but with extra price tags.

Unlike most modern gyms with dark interiors, Miami Strong has a bright inner setting. With lots of natural lights entering the arena, you can practice in a well-lit and bright gymming area. The space is enormous, and the equipment is the best in class. The machines are serviced and maintained regularly here. In fact, this is one of the best gyms in Miami and has a lot of machines that you won’t find in a traditional gym. The staff, trainers, and coaches are friendly yet professional.

Location- 1830 N Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL

Contact- +1 305-520-7029





Anatomy is proving to be the future of fitness with its hand-selected state-of-the-art equipment and some of the most cutting-edge group fitness sessions. Moreover, it distinguishes itself from other facilities by integrating various approaches and cutting-edge procedures tailored to the individual. Furthermore, it uses the best physical therapy center in the country, USA Sports Medicine, to provide members with superior care.

This gym is also among the most well-liked gyms in Miami, with three sites spread out over the city (Midtown, Miami Beach, and Coconut Grove). In addition, it offers one-on-one sessions with personal trainers if group courses aren’t your thing. Members have unrestricted access to group exercise programs in a glammed-up warehouse studio. Other facilities at the gym include a hot and cold plunge pool, an infrared sauna, and a eucalyptus steam room.

Address: 3415 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 

Phone: +1 786-300-7415



Fitbox Method- Gyms in Miami

Fitbox Method- Gyms in Miami

HIIT, boot camp-style exercises, circuit training, and boxing cardio are all included in Fitbox method classes. The boutique gyms of Fitbox have two sites, in Brickell and Edgewater, and they provide a range of exercise tools, including free weights, hanging punching bags, and stationary bikes.

Moreover, you can work out in small and big groups at these gyms in Miami. If you quickly become bored, the class diversity is constantly changing, which is perfect for avoiding the workout plateau. Prices at the Brickell location start at $25 per class and $199 for unlimited monthly lessons. Additionally, the Edgewater branch charges $15 per class and $179 monthly for an unlimited membership.

Location- 1756 N Bayshore Dr. Ste 119, Miami, FL

Contact- +1 305-978-3961

Website- http://fitboxmethod


Glute House

Glute House

While some gyms in Miami promote total-body fitness, Glutehouse aims solely for lower-body exercises. Further, the workouts involve five stations and last between 50 and 60 minutes. These are performed with an assisted coach on the Glutehouse Training App. Two workouts are posted weekly: Monday through Wednesday are dedicated to Workout A, while Thursday through Sunday is dedicated to Workout B. For those looking for an additional workout focused on building their lower body, Glutehouse is perfect.

With a coach and app guiding you through a 50-minute circuit workout, GluteHouse is upending the status quo and bringing back the fun of leg days. This Miami gym is unlike any other gym in the city. It offers a brand-new concept that eliminates all the stressful and perplexing guesswork from glute and lower body training. The GluteHouse crew will leave you feeling satisfied and secure in your workout. And for all the dog owners out there, GluteHouse allows all four-legged pals to exercise with you.

Location- 92 SW 3rd St CU3, Miami, FL

Contact- +1 786-505-3302



There are a lot of gyms in Miami. While we could not list all of them here, there are options for everyone to try out. From the conscious beginner to the intense workout junky, every personality can find their favorite spot from the above 5 options. We hope that this list will be of value to your fitness goal.


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