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The Tiki bar Miami has the most fantastic ambience, drink menu and cuisines. Moreover, Tiki bars have become a popular destination for anyone looking to enjoy a tropical getaway without leaving the city. These bars are known for their laid-back atmosphere, exotic drinks, and unique decor that transports visitors to a faraway island paradise. In this article, let’s have a look at the most popular, must-visit Tiki bars in Miami.

Popular Tiki Bar Miami

Explore the following Tiki Bars in Miami, renowned worldwide for their authentic flavor and amazing vibes.


Miami Mojito Company

Miami Mojito Company

The Miami Mojito Company, offers a tiki-like atmosphere and is surrounded by thick tropical foliage. In addition to the original Cuban formula for mojitos, which consists of coconut rum, mint, and guarapo sugarcane. Many mojito flavors are derived from fresh juices such as raspberry, blackberry, tamarind, passion fruit, pineapple, coconut, strawberry, and grapefruit. Moreover, you can enjoy these flavors at this Tiki bar Miami. In addition, a trip to a tiki bar in Wynwood is not complete without taking in the lush, exotic ambience and drinking a deliciously fruity drink.

Address: 2509 NW 2nd Ave, Miami

Contact Number: +1 786-780-2777



Cruisin Tiki Bar Miami

Cruisin Tiki Bar Miami

Disconnect from your electronics and unwind onboard the most spectacular floating tiki bar ever! This bar complies with COVID and offers 60- to 120-minute cruises that are both entertaining and legal. These provide ample accommodations for up to six passengers and include a professional captain. 

In addition to giving you bottled water and cups at this Tiki bar Miami, they will also offer you an ice-filled Yeti cooler that can chill any drinks you like. You are more than welcome to visit any of the stores located at Bayside Market Place to purchase food and beverages to bring onboard and consume while you are cruising. 

Address: 301 North Biscayne Boulevard, Miami

Contact Number: 305-222-(8454)





Given the impact that tropical culture has had on Miami as a city, it is surprising that there are not more tiki-themed establishments. As a result of the history of tiki cocktails, many new drinks have been invented. Consider cocktails such as the Nu Mai Tai, which has three types of rum, passion fruit, and a “very secret ingredient,” or the Missionary’s Downfall, which contains rum, brandy, pineapple, and mint. Both of these beverages are available in numerous sizes. Both of these beverages are delicious to drink at this Tiki bar in Miami.

To help you get through all of that alcohol, Esotico Miami will offer a full dinner menu, including a variety of tiki-inspired dishes with a modern twist. Roberto Dubois, a veteran of the kitchens at Juvia, Makoto, and Azul, is in command of the kitchen of Esotico. He was responsible for coming up with the menu’s meals. More considerable delights such as roasted whole redfish, chicken curry, Hawaiian-style pineapple fried rice with shrimp, crab meat, veggies, and black squid ink risotto with braised octopus are also available.

Address: 1600 NE 1st Ave #102, Miami

Contact Number: +1 305-800-8454



Delirio Tiki Bar Miami

Delirio Tiki Bar Miami

The Delirio Tiki Bar was the first establishment of its kind and is currently the only tiki bar in the city. The bartenders at Delirio have gone to considerable lengths to ensure that every customer leaves the company feeling satisfied and with a broad smile.

Furthermore, the Delirio Tiki Bar Miami is a brand-new, one-of-a-kind establishment in a tropical paradise with a flavor evocative of Latin culture. Not just that, it is a destination for nightlife that combines Latin American and Polynesian customs and is located in the heart of Miami. Every evening, customers can enjoy exotic tiki beverages, bar fare prepared in a Polynesian manner, and live music. Moreover, it is generally acknowledged that the pool bar of the Delirio is unrivaled on South Beach. 

Address: 1120 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

Contact Number: +1 347-977-6428





In Miami, off the main path and close to the Little Haiti neighborhood, you will find the trendy club known as The Anderson. Furthermore, it has a tiki-style outside breezeway bar that connects to an interior tiki bar and a bar with a dance floor and a DJ on the opposite side. Not only will you find some of the most inventive and delicious beverages in Miami, but you can also order cocktails created by the same people who worked at the Broken Shaker. 

Instead, you should order the “Don’t Call Me Shirley” cocktail at this Tiki bar Miami, which consists of Sailor Jerry spiced rum, pink hibiscus lemonade, tamarind-infused orange shrub, and lemon and orange slices powdered with hibiscus flowers. Their food menu is as intriguing, with options such as buttermilk brined fried chicken sandwich with cabbage dill slaw that will make your mouth water.

Address: 709 NE 79th St, Miami

Contact Number: +1 786-401-6330



The Tiki bar Miami offers comes with great taste and blends. These are a few top Tiki bars in the city that you can enjoy. In addition to having a distinct ambience, flavor profile, and origin, everyone has an entirely distinctive personality. Because you will have the time of your life at any of them, you will not be sorry if you visit any of them anytime you are in or around Miami, as you will not be disappointed.


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