All About El Cielo Miami Restaurant

El Cielo Miami in downtown Brickell is a restaurant that offers a taste of heaven that you will remember. This unique eatery offers a variety of speciality dishes and drinks that are sure to tantalize your taste palate. From the inventive dishes to the inviting atmosphere, this will surely be an experience like no other. Moreover, this place offers an innovative dining experience with elegant and modern decor, and its exceptional food and attentive service make it a must-visit.

Keep reading to learn more about what makes El Cielo so unique and amazing.

An Unforgettable Dining Experience At El Cielo Miami

Address: 31 SE 5th Street, Miami, FL

Phone: 305 874 7867


El Cielo Restaurant is a hidden gem in the heart of downtown Brickell. Furthermore, the restaurant offers a unique and unforgettable dining experience with its exquisite dishes, world-class service, and picturesque setting.

In addition, El Cielo Miami’s famous chef Juan Manuel Barrientos is an expert in creating both innovative and creative dishes. Moreover, the menu features classic Colombian cuisine with a modern twist introduced by the chef. Different Latin American cuisines have inspired some of the dishes at this restaurant. The service at El Cielo is truly world-class. The restaurant also has a comprehensive wine list featuring local and international wines.

Moreover, the setting of this amazing restaurant is one of its most defining features. The restaurant’s location is prime in downtown Brickell alongside the Miami river, offering stunning views of the city skyline. Whether you’re enjoying dinner indoors or on the outdoor patio, you’ll enjoy a front-row seat of Miami’s sparkling lights.

Menu and Dining Experience at El Cielo Miami

Menu and Dining Experience at El Cielo Miami

El Cielo Miami is an experience not to be missed. The menu offers a wide variety of Latin American and Colombian dishes, all of which are perfectly cooked. The dining experience is made even more special by the wonderful service and the stunning views of the city skyline.

Some of the speciality dishes on the menu include flavorful Lamb with Yuca and Lavender, Pork Shoulder with Carrots and Corn. And if you want to try something unique, try the restaurant’s signature 22-course meal called ‘The Experience’ Or a 16-course meal called ‘The Journey’.

‘The Experience’ is a 22-course dinner and takes up to 3 hours to complete. You will experience this exotic dinner with all your senses taste, smell, touch, hearing, and view. The meal is carefully designed to live up to its name. Most of the courses on the experience are just one bite of intricacy.

A Comprehensive Drinks Menu

As for drinks, El Cielo Restaurant offers an extensive list of wines you will not find anywhere in Miami. Furthermore, it offers all kinds of red, white, rose, and sparkling wines from New Zealand and Australia to Argentina and Chile. 

El Cielo Miami Restaurant drink

Not just that, the menu also features a wide variety of spirits, including Scotch Whiskey, Bourbon, Rum, Gin, Mezcal, Cordial, Aguardiente, and Tequila. Also, El Cielo Miami offers 5 classic cocktails, Margarita, Martini, Mojito, Negroni, and Old Fashioned, along with a long list of Signature Cocktails. 

So whatever your mood is, if you want a refreshing glass of white, red or pink wine or a delicious frozen margarita, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Wrapping Up

A trip to El Cielo Miami restaurant is an unforgettable experience. With its modern decor, creative menu and delicious cocktails, you’re guaranteed a meal that will have you coming back for more. 

Whether you go for lunch or dinner, this unique Colombian upscale spot is perfect for special occasions or just a night of indulging yourself with good food, drinks and an experience.


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