Cooking Classes in Miami – Explore 7 Best Classes!

It is time to grab an apron and explore these cooking classes in Miami. Moreover, the city’s finest chefs will show you how to prepare your favorite foods. Furthermore, you can take hands-on cooking workshops in several Miami neighborhoods, such as Kendall, Brickell, and Wynwood. You will learn to prepare velvety chocolate, traditional Indian dishes, fresh pasta, and Asian food. The best part is that no prior cooking experience is necessary. Keep reading to learn about the best cooking classes Miami has in store!

The Most Popular Cooking Classes in Miami

If you are interested in cooking, you might appreciate enrolling in one of the numerous courses available in Miami. Learn more about the most popular option for cooking classes by perusing the following list.


Wok Star with Eleanor Hoh

Wok Star with Eleanor Hoh

Eleanor Hoh is a self-taught culinary prodigy who teaches her imprecise Asian cooking techniques to individuals seeking to prepare quick and healthful meals at home. Furthermore, her students are from all corners of the globe and are perfect for this one of the best cooking classes in Miami. She argues that her students will be “Wok Stars” when she teaches them how to create a wide variety of dishes in a wok without being limited by a recipe or certain amounts. 

Address: 3650 N Miami Ave, Miami

Contact Number: (305) 318-5769



Sur La Table – One of the Best Cooking Classes in Miami

Sur La Table - One of the Best Cooking Classes in Miami

In addition to being an outstanding luxury cookware retailer, Sur La Table also offers services that extend far beyond the everyday shopping experience. Sign up for one of their numerous Miami cooking classes provided in-store, acquire some critical new kitchen skills, and prepare a delectable meal. Moreover, you may register for lessons on their website, where you can also select from a vast array of class options, like “The Italian Table,” “Passport to Donughts,” “Date Night: American Summer,” “Pasta From Scratch,” and “Dim Sum Cart,” among many others. 

Not only that, but they also offer a curriculum called Knife Skills, which they claim is the most significant culinary instruction because it teaches concepts that are relevant beyond the bounds of the class!

Address: 701 S Miami Ave Space #338, Miami

Contact Number: +1 786-796-0978



Future Foodies

Future Foodies

This trendy sushi restaurant in Doral has just launched a new program called “Future Foodies,” in which youngsters may learn Japanese cooking methods. During the Character Sushi sessions, participants will learn how to prepare California rolls, nigiri, and bento boxes based on Japanese characters. 

In addition to instructing them on how to prepare the dough using Japanese rice flour and sending them home with an assortment of Asian treats, the pastry and baking instruction will teach them how to cultivate Japanese rice. Each person is handed a Tenugui towel, commonly known as a Japanese bandana, to assist them in getting into character. This cooking class in Miami is the best for you if you want to learn the authentic ways of making a different dishes. 

Address: 5241 NW 87th Ave Doral, FL


The Wynwood Yard

The Wynwood Yard

At this cooking class in Miami, a repurposed shipping container with cooking stations, you may don an apron and receive instructions on how to cook a healthy meal. In these small-group cooking sessions, some of Miami’s most renowned chefs, such as Soraya Kilgore of MadLab and Michael Schwartz of Genuine Hospitality, train participants to create ecologically responsible recipes that incorporate seasonal and locally produced ingredients.

Address: 56 NW 29th St, Miami

Contact Number: Not available



Real Food Academy

Real Food Academy

At the Real Food Academy, the kid- and adult-friendly Miami cooking classes are about having fun, exploring new flavors, and building healthy eating habits. The academy was founded in 2008 by the executive chef, Maria Cummins, and its principal purpose is to train young people not only in the production of delightful dishes but also in the selection of proper ingredients. 

The motto at the culinary school they operate in Miami, Florida, is “We don’t change the recipe; we change the ingredients!” Thus, budding young chefs can produce the cuisine they enjoy using natural, healthy ingredients that are healthier and palatable.

Address: 570 NE 81st Street, Miami

Contact Number: (786) 713-2598



Phuc Yea – Among Top Cooking Classes in Miami

Phuc Yea - Among Top Cooking Classes in Miami

The preparation of Asian cuisine is not the easiest. Still, Phuc Yea and chef Cesar Zapata can lead you through the basics and various beverages and appetizers. Before the instruction portion of the evening, participants in the once-a-month program and one of the top cooking classes in Miami are provided with a small meal and beverage of their choosing. In addition, Zapata recruits two students to assist him in preparing most of the supper while he monitors the situation and offers directions to the remaining students as they observe. 

When dinner is ready, everyone sits at a banquet with an Asian-inspired theme and beverages. Furthermore, the monthly menus and themes may vary, but the format will remain constant.

Address: 7100 Biscayne Blvd, Miami

Contact Number: +1 305-602-3710



Taste Buds Kitchen

Taste Buds Kitchen

Taste Buds Kitchen offers the best culinary-themed entertainment for children of all ages, including families and adults. Moreover, they are professionals in providing engaging and entertaining cooking classes in Miami, camps, parties, and corporate events.

Additionally, you can create new family traditions by attending a cooking class in their kitchen together or help your child gain independence by enrolling them in one of their drop-off culinary courses explicitly designed for children. So, register the ambitious chef in you for a single session or a once-a-week cooking course.

Not just that, they feature a friendly and accommodating kitchen crew and trendy aprons for every customer. In addition, the students create meals from scratch using fresh ingredients and take some of their creations home. Since kids learn to cook from scratch, the learning is efficient and involves extensive hands-on practice. Additionally, use the opportunity to engage in novel activities and learn new information.

Address: 14740 SW 26th St STE 206, Miami

Contact Number: +1 786-999-8629



Cooking Classes in Miami provide excellent scope for people to learn different ways of preparing meals in the most authentic of ways. Most people enjoy cooking and usually search for excellent cooking classes that suit them. If you want to become a chef, whether professionally or for enjoyment, you should enroll in one of these schools and learn how to cook the best of meals. 

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