5 Best Pools in Miami

The Best Pools in Miami come as a relief in the humid weather. Moreover, the hot and humid climate makes Miami a perfect place for pool days. Keeping in mind that different people like different pool experiences, we have curated the best pools in Miami for you in this article. Here is a list of 5 fantastic swimming pools you can find in Miami. All these places offer many services and pools, like food, drinks, cafes, and spa. 

Let’s discover the 5 best pools where you can go and spend a good hot sunny day with your friends and family. 

Explore the Best Pools in Miami

Here are some of the best pools for you to enjoy your time in Miami!


The Miami Beach EDITION 

The Miami Beach EDITION 

The Seville Hotel is a beautiful architecture with a pinch of art through this masterpiece. Furthermore, this property has two swimming pools, but the Sundial Pool, which is part of the original property, is better than the other one. Moreover, the pool at the Miami Beach Edition Hotel is a luxurious oasis in the heart of Miami Beach. 

Furthermore, the pool area is beautifully designed with clean lines, geometric shapes, and a neutral color palette. It offers a serene and relaxing environment for guests to enjoy the sunny Florida weather.

Not just that, the pool bar serves various refreshing drinks, snacks, and light bites, allowing guests to enjoy their time by the water without ever having to leave. So, the next time you want to try some of the best pools in Miami, give this hotel a shot! 

Address: 2901 Collins Ave, Miami

Contact: 786-257-4500



The Standard Spa – Best Pools in Miami

The Standard Spa - Best Pools in Miami

This is one of the coolest of all swimming pools in Miami. It gives you a feeling of retro with woven yellow colores lounge chairs placed in a row. Unlike other hotels, the property is situated on Island ave and gives a dreamy view of Biscayne Bay. In addition, the Standard Spa is a luxurious beachfront hotel that offers guests a unique and tranquil experience. The pool offers a beautiful and peaceful escape from the busy city.

Moreover, this one of the best pools in Miami is a true oasis, offering guests a peaceful and rejuvenating experience. 

Address: 40 Island Ave, Miami

Contact: 305-673-1717



Mondrian South Beach 

Mondrian South Beach 

Mondrian South Beach is on the bayfront and gives you the most amazing views of the skyline of Miami and Biscayne Bay. Moreover, the pool gives a fantastic experience and is trendy amongst Miami’s people. Furthermore, you can enjoy great music while sitting by this fantastic Miami pool and take Instagram-worthy photos. In addition, it provides a comfortable visit to the guest with lounge chairs around the pool to have a good sun bath while watching the view. 

Address: 1100 West Ave, Miami

Contact: 305-672-2662



Venetian – Among Best Pools in Miami

Venetian - Among Best Pools in Miami

The Venetian pool is another beautiful pool in Miami that many people love. Furthermore, this pool is mostly crowded, even on hotter days. It is covered by green, which gives more of a natural feeling, which is why it is so popular amongst the people of Miami. The best thing is the freshwater they use, along with some Italian architectural touches. In addition, it also has a cute cafe that sells delicious pizza, french fries, hot dogs, and ice cream. The pool is open all seven days a week. They also offer a special discount for the people of Coral Gables. Not just that, this is among the Best Pools in Miami and is also kid-friendly! 

Address: 2701 de Soto Blvd Miami

Contact: 305-460-5306

Price: Admission is $12; $5.50 for adults 13 and over who are residents of Coral Gables; $7 for children 3 to 12; $4.50 for children 3 to 12 who are residents of Coral Gables.


Carillon Miami Wellness Resort 

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort 

The pool is interestingly located on the rooftop deck, a breezy, astonishing spot to chill. This Miami pool not only relaxes you but also comes with a beautiful rooftop view of the Beach. This best pool in Miami is oversized, with a gym and spa facilities as well. It may cost you $99 daily, including a whirlpool service and a whole spa thermal experience. This is an excellent place to have some time away from everything. They are open daily from sunrise to sunset. 

Address: 6801 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

Contact: 305-514-7000, (866) 800-3858


Wrapping Up

The Best Pools in Miami provide a great therapeutic retreat to people who want to relax by the water and enjoy their favorite food and drinks. Not just that, swimming can be an enjoyable activity for children to have fun. Moreover, it is a great sport to boost your mood and a perfect activity to enjoy with your friends or family. So, if you are in Miami and wish to spend a day relaxing with great food and drinks, these are some best pools you can choose from. What are you waiting for? Go, plan your pool day soon! 


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