Best Burgers in Miami – 7 Must-Try Spots!

The Best Burgers in Miami serve as a delectable option for people who love experimenting with their food. Trendy foods come and go, but one delicacy that never goes out of fashion is a delicious burger. It is always a good idea to be aware of a leading restaurant nearby where you may sit down and enjoy a delectable burger. Well, we have compiled a list of the best burgers you will find in the city!

Which ingredients make the Burger perfect and what goes along with it is a personal choice. Moreover, there are numerous varieties of these relished by people. Some enjoy the soft ones that have a certain juiciness in the patties; for others, the proper bun and sauces complete the package. Well, Miami has many superstars, from Cuban fritas to savory and sweet selections. 

Explore Best Burgers in Miami 

Here are 7 options that are worth considering.


Kush By Lokal

Kush By Lokal

The modest selection of menu at KUSH By Lokal, a Wynwood favorite, highlights their concept that quality, not quantity, is what people genuinely seek. Everything at KUSH is produced from scratch, with ingredients from local Florida farmland. Whenever in Miami, try their Frita Kush Burger, which is voted one of the best 52 burgers in the United States. Moreover, the sweet guava jelly, potato stix, bacon, swiss cheese, and their unique Lokal sauce crown’s this beauty.

Furthermore, this place for the Best Burgers in Miami provides the best ingredients to prepare the perfect Burger, with beef brought from a Fort McCoy farm each week and hand-grounded in-house.

Address: 2003 N Miami Ave, Miami

Phone: +1 305-576-4500



Blue Collar for Best Burgers in Miami

Blue Collar for Best Burgers in Miami

Burgers are not all made equal. Some go above and beyond through personalization options, a unique meat blend, or that one secret/ special ingredient that makes the difference. All of this is available at Blue Collar. Furthermore, it all starts with a USDA Prime dry-aged New York strip patty, which is cooked on demand from “blue” to “rare” to “well done.” The classic melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion are standard garnishes. Miami’s best Burger is presented on a not-so-classic Portuguese muffin, which ends up making this spin on an American staple even nicer: The muffin absorbs all of the juice, so there will be no dribble when you eat it.

Address: 6730 Biscayne Blvd, Miami

Phone: +1 305-756-0366



Chug’s Diner

Chug's Diner

When Michael Beltran created Chug’s, the best burger in Miamni, he moved his famed Chug burger from Ariete’s menu to this Coconut Grove restaurant. Furthermore, he has perfected the technique of hamburger-making in the same way that only a chef of his expertise can. It remains the same: a double burger loaded with American cheese, bread-and-butter pickle, shredded lettuce, and a special secret sauce, all bonded sesame-seed buns. Moreover, the “Chug Burger,” paired with fries, costs only $19 for brunch, but you may ask or request, and they may make you one for supper or happy hour.

Address: 3444 Main Hwy Suite 21, Miami

Phone: +1 786-353-2940



Motek Cafe

Motek Cafe

Although this kosher-style Israeli Mediterranean eatery has numerous top-notch Middle Eastern meals, its Lebanese Burger is undoubtedly one of theBest Burgers in Miami. With a firm patty in the significance of freshness, Motek Cafe uses only the best quality grade “A” 100% Glatt kosher meat in all their chicken, beef, and lamb offerings. Moreover, their award-winning Arayes Burger is made with kosher and grass-fed Lebanese beef that is filled with flawlessly crunchy on the exterior and fluffy on the inside pita. While it is not your typical American-style Burger, it is sure to satisfy your taste receptors and keep you going back for some more.

Address: 36 NE 1st St Suite 132, Miami

Phone: +1 786-953-7689



Soho Beach House

Soho Beach House

This one of the best Burgers in Miami at Soho House may be worth the price of membership. Furthermore, their signature Dirty Burger is a must-order whenever you’re sitting by the pool or beach. This Burger is a special treat adorned with mustard, aged cheddar, and tomato inside a fresh brioche bun.

Address: 4385 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

Phone: +1 786-507-7900



Pinch Burger

Pinch Burger

There is a lot that is put into making a burger special and this Best Burger in Miami says it all. There’s the meat, the bun, the condiments, and the affection. That’s what Pinch owner John Gallo aspires for with his namesake “Pinch Burger.” Moreover, it is a bespoke burger mix with house-made brioche buns, caramelized onions cooked for hours to extract the ideal amount of flavor, melty Swiss cheese, and aioli created fresh daily to ensure the garlic has just the perfect bite. In addition, one of the Best Burgers in Miami comes with hand-cut fries, fried to a lovely golden brown, so they’re crispy on the surface and hot inside.

Address: 8601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami

Phone: 305-631-2018



Ted’s for Best Burgers in Miami

Ted's for Best Burgers in Miami

Ted’s Burger is a Wynwood pop-up in J Wakefield Brewery, with everybody in Miami swooning over their smashing burger. Although we would prefer they were open more days, Ted’s is now making Sunday seem less gloomy. Stop by between 12 p.m. and 10 p.m. or until the outside grill setting is sold out.

This Burger in Miami is made of a thin, crunchy patty fried with onion slices and cheese. Moreover, Ted’s serves them on a squishy potato bun with their signature sauce. You could also make it a double or triple. It is recommended to arrive early since they frequently sell out.

Address: 120 NW 24th St, Miami, FL



This brings us to the end of the Best Burgers in Miami list. Hopefully, this will end your quest for a delicious Burger in the city. Additionally, these places aim to add to your experience by providing a delicious blend of flavors. With their ultimate take on classic burgers, each restaurant offers something different for you to explore and try. 

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