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When searching for songs about Miami, there is a never-ending list on different music platforms like Spotify, Youtube, etc. As Miami is a city full of fun and parties, many artists have tried to capture the energy and excitement of the magic city. Moreover, Miami is a place full of contrast, from the bright lights of South Beach to the more relaxed vibe of Coconut Grove, so all the artists visiting are compelled to paint a picture of their experience. 

Moreover, there are a few reasons why there are so many songs about Miami. Artists are inspired by the city’s vibrant energy and tropical atmosphere. And they could be reflecting on a personal experience they had while visiting Miami, while some have created great songs out of love for Miami. Whatever the reason, these artists have created some great songs about one of America’s most iconic cities.

8 Songs About Miami

There are plenty of songs about Miami, each capturing a different aspect of the city. From the sunny beaches to the nightlife and personal experiences to love for the home city.


Miami By U2

Miami By U2

In the song “Miami” by U2, the band pays tribute to the city of Miami and its role in their lives. Moreover, the song is a mix of genres, including rock, pop, and alternative rock. The lyrics paint a picture of the city as a place of energy and excitement, where anything is possible. Furthermore, the song reflects on the band’s time in Miami, recording their album “pop.” The song is an ode to Miami and all it has meant to the band.

Furthermore, this late 90’s song about Miami is not everybody’s cup of tea, and this a pretty experimental song by U2. But the lyrics tell a story you want to listen to while imagining it in your head. 

Song length – 04:52 minutes

Genre – Pop, Rock, Alternative Rock

Year of Release – 1997

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305 To My City By Drake – Songs About Miami

305 To My City By Drake - Songs About Miami

This song by Drake, “305 To My City,” expresses his love for the Magic City. Although the hot shot rapper belongs to Toronto City in Canada, he considers Miami his hometown. “305” in the title of this song represents the original area code to Miami City. Furthermore, Drake considers Miami his hometown and owns a Condo in Marquis, downtown Biscayne Boulevard.

Apart from his love for Miami, Drake tells a story in this song about Miami where an intelligent woman hustles in Miami, reminding him of Jay Z’s hustle. It is a tribute to many other women who put in as much effort in various professions daily.

Song length – 04:15 minutes

Genre – Rap, Hip-Hop

Year of Release – 2013

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Move To Miami By Enrique Iglesias Feat. Pitbull

Move To Miami By Enrique Iglesias Feat. Pitbull

This one of the best songs about Miami was released in 2018 by the Spanish singer Enrique. “Move to Miami” is a song about, well, moving to Miami. The lyrics talk about the beautiful girls of Miami, compelling the Spanish singer to move to the magic city. The song has more than 71 million views on YouTube.

Furthermore, this song has a catchy, danceable beat that will get you moving. And who doesn’t love a good Enrique Iglesias song? If you’re looking for a party anthem, “Move to Miami” is the one you can add to your playlist.

Song Length – 02:48 minutes

Genre – Pop

Year of Release – 2018

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Miami (Welcome To Miami) By Will Smith

Miami (Welcome To Miami) By Will Smith

Will Smith’s song “Miami” is an ode to the city of Miami, Florida. The song was released in 1998 and was on the soundtrack to the film Bad Boys. Furthermore, Will Smith opens the song by describing Miami as “South Beach, bringing the heat. Can y’all feel that.” He describes some of the city’s attractions, including the beach, the clubs, and the women.

In his song, he paints a picture of the city as a playground for the rich and famous. Not just that, he describes Miami as a place where people come to party and have a good time. The chorus of this song about Miami declares the city to be “the place to be.” Will Smith’s “Miami” is a fun and upbeat song that captures the spirit of the city. If you’re looking for a summer anthem, this is it.

Song Length – 03:17 minutes

Genre – Hip-Hop, Pop

Year of Release – 1998

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Swimming in Miami By Owl City – Songs About Miami

Swimming in Miami By Owl City - Songs About Miami

For a sweet and fun song to help get you through your summertime blues, look no further than Owl City’s “Swimming in Miami.” This infectiously catchy tune is the perfect soundtrack for all your summertime activities, whether you’re hitting the beach, taking a dip in the pool, or just lounging around in the sun.

With its tropical-inspired melodies and sun-soaked lyrics, this sweet song will surely put a smile on your face and get your toes tapping. So what are you waiting for? Turn up the volume and start your summer with Owl City’s Swimming in Miami, one of the top songs about Miami.

Song Length – 04:55 minutes

Genre – Electronic, Rock, Pop

Year of Release – 2007

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305 Anthem By Pitbull Featuring Lil Jon

305 Anthem By Pitbull Featuring Lil Jon

Pitbull is paying homage to the people of Miami with this song about Miami. He declares his unwavering devotion to his hometown and its residents. Furthermore, there is also a reference to Miami’s hustle culture in the song. The rapper’s record label, which is situated in the city and has 305 as its moniker, was named after Miami’s zip code.

Fast-paced hip-hop music “305 Till I Die” has upbeat sounds that will make you want to move, and the chorus is quite catchy. Playing this music while working out at the gym or running will give you an excellent incentive for four minutes.

Song Length – 04:13 minutes

Genre – Hip Hop

Year of Release – 2007

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Miami Groove By Betty Wright

Miami Groove By Betty Wright

Betty Wright’s 1974 hit “Miami Groove” is a funky, soulful ode to the city she loves. Moreover, the song features Wright’s signature catchy hooks and sultry vocals, a tight horn section, and a groovy bass line. The result is a groovy track that captures the essence of Miami. Wright grew up in Miami and drew inspiration for the song from her experiences growing up in the city.

Many artists have covered Miami Groove over the years. But it’s Wright’s version of this one of the best songs about Miami that remains the most iconic. When you hear “Miami Groove,” there’s no mistaking it for anything else – it’s pure Betty Wright.

Song Length – 04:49 minutes

Genre – American Soul, R&B

Year of Release – 1988

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Miami By Foals

Miami By Foals

In 2005, the English indie music group Foals was formed in Oxford. Foals’ second album, Total Life Forever, featured Miami as the third single. One of the group members’ brief but whimsical love affair while on vacation on a Greek island inspired their song “Miami.” 

The trio picked Miami for the song’s title and location because its blue and white beaches and the picture from the 1983 film “Scarface” prompted them to do so rather than naming the Greek island.

Song Length – 03:42 minutes

Genre – Indie Rock

Year of Release – 2010

Listen Here –

Wrapping Up

No wonder there are many songs about Miami because it has that spell-bounding effect on people. In addition, the city inspires a lot of creativity in its residents and visitors. We hope you like our list of songs named after, dedicated to, or originated in Miami and found some worth listening to and adding to your playlist.


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