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Marion Miami comes with New American cuisine with a hint of Asian influence. Moreover, this fantastic restaurant provides visitors with a beautiful and joyous experience. Furthermore, their Thursday Soirée dinner party, champagne bar, and mood-setting DJs add to the beauty of the place. 

In addition, they take great satisfaction in using only the finest natural products and adhering to our family recipes. So, let’s explore everything about Marion in Miami!

Discover Marion Miami

Address: 1111 SW 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33130, United States

Phone:+1 786-717-7512


Marion’s carefully crafted menu delivers mouthwatering fare, and its distinctive personality highlights culinary treasures sure to tickle your taste buds. Moreover, enjoy a romantic rendezvous in Brickell’s most upscale lounge, where you can be guaranteed a vibrant atmosphere for food and drink. Your senses will be enticed, and your craving for natural, fresh ingredients and intense flavors will be satisfied by Marion Miami’s adorned cocktails and delectable snacks.

At Marion Miami, every day is an occasion to celebrate, so treat yourself to delectable cuisine and make some priceless memories.

Marion Miami Ambience

Appetizer Menu

Furthermore, Marion Miami offers a real Asian fusion made with the bok choy, which gives it that veggie crunch on the bottom. In addition, you get an entrée, dessert, and an appetizer for $24. You can also start with the Galician octopus, served with fingerling potatoes, chorizo, and espelette. Despite the small serving size, the flavors are substantial and perfectly capture the flavor of the Mediterranean. 

The Main Menu 

The drinks at Marion Miami are crafted with finesse and substance, the meals are rich and delicious, and the presentation reaches the heights of aesthetic quality. In addition, the lobster is presented pre-chopped back in the shell with creamy butter, which is incredibly enticing, but the burrata and charred tomatoes are the best part and come cold. Marion, a restaurant in Brickell, provided one of the year’s best dining experiences. For lunch, they offer a fixed-price option that has amazing food.

Fresh Fish of the Day, Bomba Rice, and Rotisserie Chicken are a few of the entree choices. The Bomba Rice is filled with seafood flavor, saffron, and enormous prawns, much like paella. Furthermore, the quantity is large enough. If you decide to order fish, it is complemented by rice. The jerk wings are the ideal combination of savory and spicy, and the warm cornbread is as comforting as cornbread served in Miami should be.

Moreover, the bread selections include fruit loaf, Parisian baguette, Sicilian focaccia, and an olive tapenade roll. Additionally, the bread is cooked on-site. At 11 a.m. and 4 a.m., the bread comes out of the oven and is so good that it is worth the trek to Miami’s Marion only to load up on carbohydrates. 

Marion Miami food


Various tarts are available as dessert options, each more exquisite than the last. You can choose from various tarts, including those with chocolate, fruit, caramel, and other flavors. Moreover, the caramel and bittersweet chocolate are fantastic. The tart’s serving is just right for one person and will satisfy their sweet taste.

Drinks at Marion Miami

Oysters are currently $1 during Marion Miami’s Happy Hour, which is a great price for a venue this stunning. You can’t go wrong with the Marion Mule at the elegant bar because the house cocktails are outstanding and expertly created there. This incredible beverage, served with berries, will reward you for making it through the workday.

Wrapping up

 Marion Miami is the city’s newest hidden gem. Moreover, the restaurant scene in the city has recently improved, but Marion has stood out from the competition. So, if you enjoyed reading about this fantastic spot for delicious meals and the best blends of drinks, give this place a shot. 


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