The Gage Chicago: Finest Restaurant Near Millennium Park

The Gage Chicago gastropub has served Millennium Park visitors for over a decade. With the goal of serving the most creative and contemporary cuisine, they have added several delicacies to their menu. Moreover, they have effortlessly blended European with American style. 

What’s better than visiting Millennium Park and one of the most liked restaurants is across the street, right? The Gage in Chicago, a restaurant with casual pub vibes but serious food, perfectly balances the modern and traditional flavour. So if you want to explore some Irish cuisine, add Gage to your bucket list. To know more about the restaurant, keep scrolling. 

The Gage Chicago: A Look Inside

Address: 24 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 

Phone: +1 312-372-4243


The Gage Chicago, constructed in the late 1800s, was coined by the Gage group of Industries. It is now a historical landmark and one of the favorite places for the locals. Even visitors from around the world prefer the aesthetics of this restaurant. With indoor and outdoor seating arrangements just by the lakefront makes, it is one of Chicago’s most frequently booked places. 

The walls of the Gage in Chicago have green tiles, and the windows are from an old factory. Furthermore, the classic low-key interior does not make it any less attractive but appealing in a subtly industrial manner from the 1930s. The infrastructure has a booth-lined bar and a dining area for visitors. Although the place gets noisy, the ambience is lively and inviting in a typical Irish pub manner.  

Discover the Menu of The Gage Chicago

the gage Chicago food

The seasonal menu of the Gage in Chicago featuring original dishes and house-made sausages may lead to overcrowding. Therefore, reserve the best seat to relish the most exotic sausage-wrapped scotch egg accompanied with Bloody Mary. Do not stop here; dive into the rich flavors of roasted duck breast. Another memorable dish is crispy fish ‘n’ chips. However, nothing can beat the Gage Chicago’s house burger. Furthermore, the dessert section includes flavorsome vanilla bean creme brulee topped with fresh berries and mint. Not just that, the homemade seasonal ice cream and sorbet can flood a dozen memories. 

With the bar taking half of the eatery, it manages to justify the drinks menu. However, a few of the remodelled classics from the menu are Fall Old Fashioned and The Brooklyn Bridge. They have managed to instantly grab customers’ attention along with the imported beers available. Also, they have a perfectly crafted wine list available by the glass. 

Private Events & Group Dining 

Choose the Gage Chicago to host an extraordinary event. The spaces provided by them cater to professional and personal events in a well-organized manner.

Furthermore, they have given different names to different spaces. For instance, the room that may accommodate 85 to 150 people is called the Theodore Ascher room. This room is on the lower level of the Gage Chicago and can be used to conduct a board meeting. Adjacent to this room is the Theodore Ascher private bar with a capacity of 60 people. 

the gage Chicago ambience

Similarly, for personal events at The Gage Chicago, there is a room called Louis Sullivan Room with a capacity of about 150 to 200 people. This room is near the fireplace to maintain a welcoming and comfortable feeling for intimate events. This room can also be utilized for group dining or meetings. You may select the desired room and book it via the official website. 


The Gage Chicago is finally raising the bar, and Millennium Park is attracting the busy restaurant vibe it deserves. In addition, this casual restaurant in Chicago has significantly enhanced the standard of cuisine in the area. Further, the focus is primarily on customer satisfaction by adding innovative dishes to the menu. Moreover, this restaurant has a happening and warm atmosphere for the people to enjoy their time. 


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