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In the heat of Chicago, if you are looking for a healthy, tasty fast food alternative, then Sweetgreen Chicago is the best place. With their mission of building healthier communities, they want to connect people with real food. If we go back to the history of the place, it was started by three college graduates. They realized that there are quite limited options for food and decided to do something different. So they created a business where people do not have to compromise on the quality of food. 

On that note, let’s explore the world of Sweetgreen in Chicago.

Sweetgreen Chicago

Address: 623 N State St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States

Phone: +1 312-374-8173


Here are some of the best features of the restaurant. We will try to provide as much information as we can so that you don’t have to think twice before visiting the restaurant.

Processes and Food Preparation

At Sweetgreen Chicago, the food is prepared with clear attention to each stage of its production. The raw ingredients are derived from farmers and producers. They procure raw food directly from them, which ensures excellent quality of food. They not only make the food full of nutrients but also allow the customers to participate in the regenerative process. 

The restaurant keeps in mind the carbon footprint when they develop or alter its menu. Their infrastructure suggests investing in clean energy and industrial equipment that has the minimum impact on our environment. They have made plans to secure a sustainable future by giving people access to real food. 

The Food at Sweetgreen Chicago

What is Real food

Chicago’s Sweetgreen restaurant has been focusing on delivering to their customers the new real food. What exactly does that mean? Fresh, plant-forward, earth-friendly food. The notion of real food is not only involved with the idea of healthy food but also the convenience of deliveries and easiness of ordering. 

The food is not only delicious but also fresh and additionally cheap. The famous signature dishes which the restaurant offers are chicken and chickpea curry. Blackened chicken with organic pie and organic rice spinach.

Another advantage of having your meal at Sweetgreen in Chicago is that people get to order tailor-made dishes. They can choose from the options they want in their dish, and the chef can customize it following their taste. 

What’s on the Menu?

Sweetgreen Chicago Menu has warm bowls that are as delicious as they look. Presentation is definitely a key factor when serving food. Let’s have a peek at the best-selling menu:

  • Warm bowl specials, which include curry cauliflower, sweet balsamic Brussels, harvest bowls, crispy rice bowls, shroomami, chicken pesto arm, fish taco, and chicken tostada.  
  • Salads with chicken and Brussels, kale caesar, guacamole greens, buffalo chicken bowl, farmhouse caesar, super green goddess, and garden cobb.
  • Plates of hot honey chicken in which you can have blackened chicken, roasted sweet potato, kale cabbage slaw, and roasted almonds with honey mustard sauce. 
  • Hummus crunch salad
  • Fish taco California
  • Hot honey chicken grain bowl California
  • Teriyaki meatball grain bowl California
  • Miso salmon grain bowl California

They also provide an option of preparing your bowl. What you have to do is give the specifications to the server, and the chef shall make it all according to you. Furthermore, they also serve meals both for kids and adults. 

Here are some of the best drinks available at Sweetgreen Chicago:

  • Jasmine green tea,
  • Hibiscus berry cover tea
  • Health ade kombucha pink lady apple
  • Health ade kombucha pomegranate
  • Proud source sparkling water
  • Proud source spring water
  • Rise brewing co cold brew
  • Spindrift grapefruit
  • Spindrift raspberry lime
  • Spindrift lime

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Sweetgreen Chicago and Nutritional Value

Their specially drafted menu also contains the amount and ingredients which are included in making each dish. Each dish has provided the numbers, which may include honest numbers of sugar and calories. This transparency has made it win thousands of customers in such a short span of time. 

Sweetgreen in Chicago also provides online ordering and an option to nullify any delivery charges. This option can be availed by signing up on the outpost page of the website. It has many benefits and one of which is quick and free deliveries. 

Wrapping Up

Sweetgreen Chicago is much more than a healthy restaurant to keep you company in your fitness journey. They aim to create an environmental-friendly atmosphere for everyone visiting the store. We hope you enjoyed reading about this very green restaurant in Chicago.

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