Sound Bar Chicago: Elevate Your Nightlife

Sound Bar is one of the best clubs in Chicago for people who love to dance. It is 20,000 square feet of pure bliss, showcasing the best nightlife in Chicago. The calendar of events here is unique, showcasing the talent of the world’s best DJs all year round.

Let’s explore more of this amazing club:

All About Sound Bar, Chicago

Address: 226 W Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60654, USA

Contact number: +1 312-787-4480


Days And Timings

Sound Bar Chicago

Friday- 10 pm to 4 am, 

Saturday- 10 pm to 5 am 

Monday to Thursday closed.

What Makes it Unique?

Sound Bar has a long list of features that appeal to those looking for an exceptional experience. Some of them are: 


The heart of this club is its massive dance floor. Not simply massive- like 4000 square feet massive! It’s like a dance playground where you can move freely without bumping into people. And guess what? There are nine bars dotted around the area so that you can enjoy a refreshing drink in no time. 


As you enter the club, you’ll immediately be surrounded by an elegant yet welcoming atmosphere. European-style minimalist decor sets the tone, creating a sophisticated environment for your celebration. The subtle lighting enhances the decor and creates the right glow to set the mood. The atmosphere invites you to dance freely on the spacious dance floor and enjoy the flat screens and laser lights. The ambience of a sound bar is an important part of the experience, ensuring that every night is filled with good memories.

Boutique Lounges and VIP Rooms

Sound Bar

If you want to have a more exclusive night at the club, you can opt for boutique lounges and VIP rooms. The club has four boutique lounges. Each one of these has a unique vibe and atmosphere. These spaces provide a personalized space while still being part of the lively venue.

The VIP rooms are for a more luxurious experience. These rooms have a unique charm to them. They offer a place where you can enjoy top-notch services in the company of guests of your choice.

Mailing List and RSVP

By joining the mailing list, one can stay updated on upcoming events, special promotions, and exclusive offers. By subscribing, you become a part of the community, where the updates come directly to you before they are announced elsewhere. 

On their website, you can RSVP for complimentary entry. Just by hitting the RSVP button, you can secure yourself a spot without spending a dime on entry.

Private Events

The club is also an ideal venue for private events and public gatherings. The 9 bars, 4 boutique lounges, and exclusive VIP rooms can be rented out individually. The floor-to-ceiling video projection walls allow you to project audio-visual presentations throughout the club.

Menu Rundown

Sound Bar Chicago

The menu here is quite diverse, as is its beats. The Bottle Service Menu has a variety of options, including vodka, champagne, gin, tequila, rum, whiskey, and cognac. An array of options like juice, mixers, sodas, and garnishes accompany these drinks. Red Bull, also known as the potion of nightlife, is also available to keep the energy flowing.

Customer Feedback

Customer reviews for the Sound Bar highlight the venue’s pleasant atmosphere, helpful staff, and good music. They also applaud the friendly bartenders and the great selection of drinks, which contributes to the generally positive experience. While some reviewers complained about the overcrowded venue, it doesn’t interfere with the vibe here.

What needs to be noted is that there have been some mixed experiences regarding phones. Some customers have expressed their concerns about their phones being stolen. Interestingly, several others also mentioned the instances where the staff was able to retrieve and return their misplaced phones. The staff members’ efforts contribute to ensuring a memorable experience for all customers.


Despite the occasional issues, the Sound Bar maintains its reputation as a go-to spot for dreamy nightlife in Chicago. It has been drawing back customers with its engaging atmosphere, good music, and welcoming staff. If you are in Chicago, you definitely need to be here!

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