Ramen-San Chicago: Where Slurping Meets Grooving

Ramen-San Chicago is no ordinary noodle joint. It’s where you’ll find that lip-smacking hot broth paired with ice-cold beers and the ultimate ’90s hip-hop vibes in town. And we’ve got news for you: this place isn’t your typical ‘once in a blue moon’ spot. 

With multiple locations in Chicago – River North, Lincoln Park, Fulton Market, and Streeterville – we’re ready to rock your world for lunch, dinner, and late-night cravings seven days a week. 

From a Lincoln Park Landmark to a Ramen-San Chicago

Location Ramen San Lincoln Park Ramen San River North Ramen San Whisky Bar Fulton Market Ramen San Deluxe Streeterville
Address 1962 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL, 60614 59 W. Hubbard St Chicago, IL, 60654 219 N. Green St Chicago, IL, 60607 165 E. Huron St Chicago, IL, 60611
Phone 773-248-3000 312-377-9950 773-645-0085 312-767-4075


A Noodle Revolution

Ramen-san burst onto the scene in 2014 in the heart of River North. At that time, finding an authentic ramen spot in Chicago was like searching for a needle in a haystack. They took it to the next level by partnering with Sun Noodle, a renowned manufacturer, to bring daily shipments of those mouthwatering noodles from the New Jersey noodle factory to the Windy City. 

Evolving with the Ramen Craze

servings at Ramen San

As Chicago’s ramen scene kept growing, Ramen-san evolved to keep up with the trends. It’s not just about traditional ramen here; Chicagoans are now exploring ramen from different regions and savoring broths made from various bones. You’ll find a variety of ramen styles, each with its unique charm. The ramen community in Chicago is booming, and we’re all in for the slurping adventure!

More Than Just Ramen

Chinese-style mantou buns

Ramen-san is more than just a place to get your noodle fix. They’ve been keen on listening to customer feedback, which has led to exciting additions to the menu. For example, the Chinese-style mantou buns and other delightful items set them apart from the traditional ramen shops.

A Dining Experience at Ramen-San Chicago

The main floor of Ramen-san, which seats 75, once belonged to Oyster Bah. It’s been transformed into a simple yet cozy space that feels just right. The hip-hop soundtrack keeps the atmosphere buzzing, a perfect accompaniment to your noodles.

Adapting to the Times

COVID brought changes to the dining landscape. Carryout became a lifeline, and quality had to remain intact. Ramen-san adjusted, investing in packaging to preserve that soul-warming soup. And they weren’t afraid to trim the menu to remove items like french fries that don’t travel well.

What’s Next in Ramen-San Chicago?

Ramen San's crowd

As the world changes, Ramen-san is changing too. The late-night scene might not be as wild as it once was, but if the summer brings the crowd, they’re open to extending their hours. They’re always listening, after all.

In a Nutshell

So, what makes Ramen-san more than just a noodle shop? It’s the journey, the evolving menu, the great vibes, and the commitment to bringing you the best in the world of ramen. It’s more than just a restaurant; it’s an experience that’s here to stay.

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