Oiistar Chicago: Beyond the Expected, Beyond the Bowl

Oiistar Chicago is a place in the colorful neighborhood of Wicker Park, which is not just any ordinary ramen place. It’s a revelation in the world of ramen. We are talking about a  Japanese gem that is rewriting the ramen rulebook with its modern twist on traditional favorites. Moreover, they are serving buns that exceed expectations and small plates that are a flavor punch pack for anyone.  

The setting of Oiistar Chicago

Address: 1385 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States

Phone: +1 773-360-8791


The setting of Oiistar is chic and contemporary, with strong wooden accents creating a cozy yet stylish ambiance. Also, the place is dimly lit, so it just invites you to unwind and have your moments here.

A modern place for people of all ages

Oiistar Chicago

For explorers of innovative flavors and ramen lovers, Oiistar Chicago is the place. The modernly designed place gives you an intimate atmosphere and creates the perfect backdrop for you to enjoy your food. Whether you’re a solo diner, a duo on a date, or a group of friends, Oiistar welcomes you to its tables. 

Coming ahead of the restaurant’s minimalist design, let’s see how they have matched it well with their diverse menu. One can definitely give the place a try when wanting to leave the hustle and bustle of the outside world behind. 

Dynamic fusion of cultures

Next, let’s talk about the fusion of cultures at Oiistar. It’s not just a ramen serving place; it’s a celebration of an even bigger creativity. From the Latin American-infused goki bun to the pozolemen flavored with chipotle, they bridge culinary traditions to offer you a one-of-a-kind experience.

Beyond the bowl

Oiistar isn’t just about what’s served in the bowl, but it is also about the ramen artistry that extends beyond. The restaurant follows the commitment to evolving its menu seasonally. This practice keeps the offerings fresh, making sure that every visit you have becomes a new adventure for you.

Beyond the bite

Oiistar Chicago

You can visit Oiistar not just for the food but for the experience and the decor. It’s a place where every detail, be it for the menu, is crafted with care. Basically, when you go to Oiistar, you see yourself having an invitation to explore, indulge, and appreciate the food they make and serve you.

What can you try?

This is the section that will have a few dishes that you must try out at Oiistar Chicago. Start by trying out the fried garlic chicken, which carries sweet and spicy flavors. The next dish you can have is the Oi salad, which is a mix of cucumber, arugula, and almonds and is a favorite of gluten-allergic people. Do you know they specialize in crafting buns, and then they serve them with Berkshire pork belly and spicy BBQ chicken? Coming up ahead is their Umami with special blended miso paste or the Pozolmen. They also give you the choice of complementing your meal with palate-pleasing appetizers like togarashi mussels and portobello & avocado tempura. 

To conclude

Oiistar in Wicker Park is a very delicious standard tonkatsu bowl serving place with some of the best ramen variations that break tradition. To sum it up, let’s say the place successfully cross-pollinates ramen with other dishes and cuisines. And well before it gets pretty packed, depending on the time you go, be sure to grab a seat as it’s a nice spot for a date or a food outing with friends.

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