7 Best Gluten-free Restaurants in Chicago

Many people follow a gluten-free diet program to stay healthy and avoid gluten allergies. It helps them manage the signs of celiac disease and other health issues associated with gluten sensitivity. It was not easy to find restaurants that accommodate clients who demand gluten-free foods. Such restaurants exist now, and dieters can easily find the best gluten-free restaurant in Chicago in this post. 

Chicago is a big city, and there are so many impressive restaurants to choose from. Since you are looking for gluten-free restaurants in Chicago, we will make your search easier. Check the 10 best Gluten-free restaurants in Windy City to go out with friends and family members. 


 Arya Bhavan

Arya Bhavan best gluten free restaurants chicago

It is an Indian restaurant offering all vegetarian food items. This restaurant has become a major attraction in the city for the unique type of dishes served there. Customers frequently visit here to enjoy Indian cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

The Arya Bhavan restaurant provides a special menu for customers who demand gluten-free food. The entire menu contains various mouth-watering Indian dishes. Many paneer items, South-Indian items, North-Indian foods, and various other cuisines are listed on the gluten-free menu. You should visit this restaurant if you plan to taste some exotic dishes for lunch or dinner. 

Address:2508 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60659, United States

Phone No. +1 773-274-5800


Smith & Wollensky

Smith & Wollensky

It is a popular restaurant chain providing a huge variety of foods. This restaurant welcomes all sorts of guests and provides the food they demand. Diners consider it one of the finest gluten-free restaurants in Chicago. It got a special menu for clients who have gluten sensitivity. 

You can check all the listed items and pick dishes that boost your hunger cravings. Smith & Wollensky offers a comforting restaurant to sit and dine with the entire family. Whether you want gluten-free foods for one person or all, this restaurant will readily meet your demands. 

Address:318 N State St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States

Phone No. +1 312-670-9900




Formerly known as Fat Rice, The NoodleBird restaurant is known for chef Abe Colon’s Macau-inspired dishes. Visitors have always praised this restaurant for the flavors they get in the cuisine. It seems inspired by various Asian and European cuisines, and gluten-free dishes are pretty mouth-watering in this restaurant. 

The main chef Abe Conlon also follows a gluten-free diet because of his history of celiac disease. Therefore, he has prepared many exciting food items to entertain customers facing the same health issue. You should visit this restaurant and check Abe’s new menu to enjoy some unique gluten-free dishes. NoodleBird will seem to be the best gluten-free restaurant in Chicago if you seek something unique and delicious. 

Address:2957 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States

Phone No. +1 773-754-4000



Mon Ami Gabi 

Mon-Ami-Gabi_Lincoln best gluten free restaurants chicago

It is a classic French bistro. Couples often visit here to enjoy memorable date nights and gluten-free foods. This French restaurant is pretty serious about keeping gluten out of its menu. Chefs pay special attention to grills to keep them gluten-free. 

You can order quinoa, grilled salmon, sheep-milk feta, and many other gluten-free items. There are many other French food items to choose from, and all of them are gluten-free. You can express your food requirements to the waiter. He will ensure you get the best meals to avoid gluten allergy and enjoy a date night. 

Address:2300 N Lincoln Park W, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Phone No. +1 773-348-8886


 Spacca Napoli Pizzeria 

Spacca Napoli Pizzeria 

Are you a pizza lover? It may seem pretty tough to find a restaurant that serves gluten-free pizzas, but it’s not when you are in Chicago. Spacca Napoli Pizzeria is the best gluten-free restaurant in Chicago to munch on gluten-free pizzas. 

Diners from all over the city visit this restaurant to taste a wide variety of pizzas. It offers various varieties of gluten-free pizzas topped with delicious Italian ingredients. This pizzeria uses separate ovens to bake gluten-free pizzas. Thus, it prevents cross-contamination and offers healthy meal options to all clients. 

Address:1769 W Sunnyside Ave, Chicago, IL 60640, United States

Phone No. +1 773-878-2420


 South Water Kitchen

South Water Kitchen

The South Water Kitchen is among the best gluten-free restaurants in Chicago downtown to try some unique cuisines. It is a certified restaurant for producing and serving gluten-free meals. Chefs follow the recommended food preparation methods to prepare dishes featured on the menu. 

This restaurant follows a strict protocol to handle gluten-free foods. Therefore, it should be your first choice to dine in the downtown region. Mustard-seed caviar, apple-smoked bacon, and chives are three extremely delicious gluten-free dishes served in this restaurant. You can find more options and dine without worrying about gluten allergies. 

Address:225 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60601, United States

Phone No. +1 312-236-9300


Chesa’s Gluten Free 

Chesa’s Gluten Free  best gluten free restaurants chicago

This restaurant offers gourmet dishes prepared by chef and owner Chesaree Rollins. She follows a gluten-free diet program, and her restaurant offers the best foods to impress diners. 

Chesa’s Gluten Free was offering delicious meals through food trucks. Now, she has moved the restaurant to a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Clients have become fond of Chesa’s gluten-free foods. You will find all kinds of dishes on the menu, and all of them are gluten-free. So, visit this restaurant and try Chesa’s unique gluten-free dishes. 

Address:3235 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60618, United States

Phone No. +1 312-576-5955


Many restaurants offer gluten-free food menus in Chicago. We have listed only the best gluten-free restaurants in Chicago. You can pick any of the listed restaurants to have lunch or dinner. 

All 7 restaurants are famous for offering satisfying customer service and top-quality meals. They serve top-quality meals and ensure clients get the diet they demand. Therefore, we have shortlisted the above-listed restaurants for food lovers seeking the best-quality gluten-free foods in Chicago. So, get ready to taste some uniquely delicious food items. 


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