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Mental health is one of the biggest health concerns in the world, and the reason is the everyday stressful life of most people. Still, most people fail to cure themselves because mental health is hard to recognize and diagnose. Also, many people don’t even accept that they are suffering from a mental illness. 

NAMI Chicago has been dedicated to working since 1979 to help individuals and families suffering from poor mental health by improving their quality of life. Their aim is to provide community support and provide support and expertise to people suffering from poor mental health conditions. Their aim is to build a world that prioritizes and embraces mental illness and mental health. 

Address: 1801 W Warner Ave Suite 202, Chicago, IL 60613, United States
Phone: +1 833-626-4244

Mission and Values of NAMI

As we stated that the National Alliance on Mental Illness, or NAMI, has been providing help to those who are suffering from mental health issues since 1979, NAMI is motivated by the experiences of those who are living with poor mental health conditions. It educates and makes people aware of the stigma and discrimination. NAMI also fiercely advocated for the community of people suffering from mental health conditions. The main objective of NAMI is to share home, expertise, and connection with individuals regarding their mental health journey. 

NAMI nami chicago

The most vital values that NAMI shares are:

Act With Compassion: NAMI respects every individual suffering from mental health conditions and has the courage to accept it and show their trust in NAMI. NAMI supports all such brave individuals. NAMI has empathy for individuals suffering from such conditions, but it also believes that they are worthy of love and should be loved. 

Work with integrity: NAMI provides unwavering, transparent, and open advocacy. They are an honest broker for the mental health care system with the purpose of giving Fierce advocacy to the community.

Promote connection: NAMI is also trying to build better human relationships with people suffering from mental health conditions. They try to educate people so that they open their minds and hearts toward individuals suffering from such conditions. They also want to grow themselves and constantly seek other like-minded, civic, nonprofit organizations and business partners. 

How does NAMI help?

The approach of NAMI Chicago regarding mental health is similar to the approach of a normal individual, which is to be well and maintain wellness on a daily basis. This approach is different from the approach of a medical model for mental health that limits the condition to just illness and treatment. 

The recovery model of NAMI Chicago is inspired by the work of SAMHSA, which recognizes home, health, purpose, and community as the foundation structure of wellness. In 2020, NAMI also upgraded this model that includes equity at the center of the model, and it also acts as a thread that is connected to all the other pieces of the model as well. NAMI aims to assert equity in every part of society. They want equity in housing, a safe physical environment, access to care, community, and every other part of society for every individual. 

NAMI stands for Anti-Racism 

Explore NAMI Chicago for your Mental Health nami chicago

The core values of NAMI Chicago are trust, collaboration, support, and equity. They also know that racism and other structural inequities have rooted deep in society and cause deep trauma, pain, and loss.

They have pledged to act and advocate against these inequalities. They are a firm and vocal opponent of systematic racism. They have pledged to make Chicago a safe and well city and create sustainable structures not only to fight racism but also to foster an actual equitable society. 


NAMI Chicago aims to make a more sustainable society for individuals suffering from mental health conditions. They have centered equity that runs as a thread through every other foundation of recovery.

NAMI Chicago also aims to extend their help and assistance to every other city connected to Chicago in any form. Thus, regardless of your place, you can call NAMI and ask for help to cure your mental health conditions. 


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