Blue Door Kitchen & Garden Chicago For Home Like Experience

Blue Door Kitchen & Garden Chicago could be a great spot to dine in a place that boasts sustainability. A celebrity chef-owned restaurant, it is well known for sourcing its products from local farms. Interestingly, it is also named after one of Oprah Winfrey’s former farms in Indiana.

Furthermore, it offers authentic American cuisine, the interiors are refreshing, and its services are also top-notch. So let’s dive in and explore more details of this fantastic restaurant in Chicago.

More About Blue Door Kitchen & Garden

Address: 52 W Elm St Chicago, IL 60610

Contact: 312-573-4000 


Blue Door Kitchen & Garden in Chicago sits in a prime location in the heart of the Gold Coast. Most of their products are sustainable and locally produced with authentic midwest flavor. They even used unconfined Chicken in their recipe. Which not only makes the food healthier but even tasker. However, it’s not all about food; their cocktails taste great.

About Chef Art

The Blue Door Kitchen and Garden is co-owned by Chef Art Smith and the Ideology Entertainment Group. Art Smith, the executive chef here, has won multiple awards for his excellent culinary skills. Moreover, he has even worked for several celebrities, with Oprah Winfrey being one of his guests. Smith is also known for participating in the “Top Chef Masters.” His idea behind this restaurant is to bring people together through his food – and it surely does.

History of Blue Door Kitchen & Garden Chicago

blue door kitchen & garden Chicago ambience

It is one of the iconic restaurants in Chicago that even survived the Great Chicago fire in 1871. However, it was earlier known as Table Fifty-Two and was shut down in 2015. Later it was reopened in January 2016 with a new name- Blue Door Kitchen & Garden Chicago.

Apart from a new name, the restaurant has a new farm-to-table concept. Today, Blue Door is a more family-friendly and affordable restaurant that’s quite famous among the locals.

Blue Door Kitchen & Garden Interior 

Along with that, wooden framed paintings and wall sconces are used to elaborate the beauty of the walls. Similarly, the chandelier gives an exquisite and classy look to the restaurant. Further, Blue Door Kitchen & Garden Chicago features A La Maison ceilings glued up on the ceiling giving a royal touch to the visitors. There is a small bar area at the corner of the room. They have used a bit of bright lighting in the dining area, while the bar area is perfectly dimly lit.

Interestingly, wood has been extensively used for doors, windows, and other furniture. Besides that, the Louis XV-style chairs add to the elegant element of the restaurant. The floating wooden tiles have been used for the flooring, making the restaurant more graceful.

Patio of Blue Door Kitchen & Garden

To the left side of Blue Door Kitchen & Garden Chicago, there is a beautiful garden filled with plants and herbs used in the kitchen. French Bistro chairs make the garden more cosy and comfortable. Also, patterned red-yellow brick flooring is used in the patio area. The garden area is perfect for hosting private events like birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, etc. 

The Speciality at Blue Door Kitchen & Garden Chicago

Blue Door Kitchen & Garden’s ideology is to let the season decide the menu. Here are the top four must-try dishes from Blue Door Kitchen & Garden.

  • Baba Ganoush
  • Fried Chicken
  • Seared Tuna

Chicago’s Blue Door Kitchen & Garden is not only known for its Chicken but even known for its desserts, and one of them is Hummingbird cake. Perfectly flavored and exceptionally moist three-layered cake elevated with creamy frosting sounds yummy and tastes great. 

blue door kitchen & garden Chicago food

Apart from these meals, you must try buttermilk fried Chicken to start off your meal. Further, have some sizzling fried chicken sandwiches filled with roasted onion and pimento cheese for lunch. Also, devised eggs are something that one should try their hands on. And if you are a pie lover, nothing is better than finishing your meal with key lime pie.


Again Blue Door Kitchen & Garden is at the plus point with well-appreciated services and facilities, which enhances the customer’s experience. Furthermore, credit cards & debit cards are both accepted at Blue Door Kitchen & Garden Chicago. Reservations for birthday parties, dinner nights, patio parties, wedding ceremonies, cocktail parties, etc., are provided. Also, gift cards are even available if you want to treat someone to a delicious meal. The place is also completely air-conditioned with free Wi-Fi, accessible street parking, a fully stocked bar, etc.

Wrapping Up 

Overall, if you want to spend some money on food and want to have a great time with your loved ones, Blue Door Kitchen & Garden Chicago is a place that provides a great dining experience for both the locals and the visitors. So, if you haven’t tried the special fried chicken at this restaurant in Gold Coast Chicago, try one now.  


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