All About Antique Taco Wicker Park Chicago

Antique Taco Wicker Park Chicago is a popular restaurant known for its delicious tacos and authentic Mexican cuisine. The restaurant not only offers tacos and other Mexican delicacies but is also known for selling one of the best margaritas in Chicago. So, if you are a fan of tacos, explore this amazing eatery in this article.

Explore Antique Taco Wicker Park Chicago

Location – 1360 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Contact- +1 773-687-8697


Antique Taco Wicker Park Chicago is a small eatery joint known for its seasonal gourmet tacos and Mexican Appetizers menu. Moreover, the shabby-chic counter-serve space is quite popular and is something you cannot miss when going by the road. The spot offers dine-in, kerbside pickup, and delivery options. 

Food Concept

All About Antique Taco Wicker Park Chicago ambience

Everything is prepared on the spot here. This means that you get everything fresh. Moreover, various types of tacos and margaritas are equally impressive. In addition, you can expect the best mix of local and seasonal ingredients. The served-up counter-style offering is easy to tackle, and one can avoid large crowds. Antique Taco Wicker Park in Chicago offers Mexican food and car bartering for all sorts of events, including baby showers, birthday events, weddings, rehearsal dinners, tailgating events, sporting events, corporate events, office parties, etc. Furthermore, the food and style can be customized to suit the event and the guests. The delivery is done using the best food-delivery services in the town. 

Some Benchmark Features of Antique Taco Wicker Park Chicago

Antique Taco Wicker Park stands out from typical restaurants in several ways:

  • Minority-owned business
  • Full-time staff with benefits including dental checkups, vision checkups, and medical or health insurance
  • Local sourcing of ingredients as much as possible from farms like Catalpa, Slagel, Iron Creek, etc.
  • Fresh-pressed corn tortillas made daily, with no leftovers used the next day
  • Hand-juiced fruits for cocktails
  • Collaboration with 40 non-profit organizations each year
  • Weekly composting with Healthy Soil Compost.

Food Speciality

When it comes to their tacos, Antique Taco Wicker Park Chicago offers a wide variety of options. The tacos are excellent, and that is why Antique as a whole succeeds. Although the tacos at Antique are cooked with Mexican heritage in mind, the restaurant isn’t a “genuine” taco stand. Instead, it’s a modern interpretation of everyone’s preferred portable supper. Since tacos are sold in orders of two and are fairly substantial, two may be sufficient for one person. Two tacos plus a side will undoubtedly satisfy that need (four is a lot, even for us). That said, two filling tacos for $7 to $9 are good. Additionally, Antique Taco is a great price in general.

Antique Taco Wicker Park Chicago Ambience 

In addition to tacos, Antique Taco offers a range of other dishes that showcase the diverse flavors of Mexican cuisine. Some standout options include the ceviche, which features fresh seafood marinated in citrus and served with tortilla chips, and the elote, a grilled corn dish topped with queso fresco and chili powder.

Antique Taco Wicker Park Chicago Ambience 

The exterior of Antique is entirely made of wood, and it has enormous pane windows that let in a lot of natural light. Although there is existing antique furniture and decor in the space, it has been done in a way that gives it a relaxed vibe. 

In addition to the extended, narrow patio with a vibrant brick wall helping to brighten things up, this stylish blend maintains things that appear comfortable. This does not give an old lady-like look, even amid old furnishings. Together, they create a relaxed atmosphere that makes Antique Taco Wicker Park in Chicago the kind of restaurant you can go into wearing just about anything.


So, that was our review of the Antique Taco Wicker Park Chicago. Their tacos are some of the best in the city, and they ensure every dish is full of flavor and quality. Moreover, it is among one of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods, this restaurant has been serving delicious and authentic Mexican food in the city. 


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