9 Places For The Best Indian Food in Chicago

We all know Chicago is famous for serving the best pizza, hotdogs, and burgers. But here’s something you don’t know. Chicago may not be recognized for Indian food, but they have some restaurants serving delicious, hot, and spicy Indian food.

All over the city, Indian restaurants are making customers happy with their services and outstanding food quality. Moreover, Chicago has a sizable Indian population. And to make these people happy, it has Indian restaurants that serve tempting and mouthwatering food with a blend of Indian species and exotic aroma.

Places For Best Indian Food in Chicago

With a diverse group of immigrants, the food in Chicago has a lot of flavors from across the globe. The best Indian food in Chicago brings the authentic taste of Indian herbs and spices for you. 

So, check out the list of best Indian restaurants in Chicago for your next outing.


The Spice Room


The foremost reason to dine in at The Spice Room is that the food is absolutely finger-licking at affordable prices. Here, you will get to taste the authentic flavors of India, which they bring out by using the right spices in their food. From samosa to chicken tikka masala, they serve everything with the top-notch Indian taste. 

If you are looking to try something new, you ought to visit The Spice Room and experiment with your taste buds with Indian spices. The chefs are consistently appreciated for their skills, especially for their bagara lamb with peanuts and cream-based sauce. 

Address: 2906 West Armitage Avenue, Logan Square, Chicago, Illinois, 60647, USA

Contact: +17733608689

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Indian Garden Restaurant

Discover the culinary heaven and great variety of Indian flavors at Indian Garden Restaurant. It is known for bringing out the Indian culture in a foreign land. Apart from serving the aromatic Indian food, Indian Garden’s interiors are also adapted from India. 

Moreover, the restaurant is decorated with LED lights and a few Indian arts and sculptures inside, and wooden dining tables. You are surely going to have the best time here with friends or family in a soothing and calming atmosphere. 

Their reshmi Kabab and hot tandoori roasted chicken in rich tomato sauce with garlic or butter naan is a must-try. Also, another delicacy is their rogan josh and lamb with a touch of Indian spices which is their second best.  

Address: Chicago Downtown, 247 E Ontario street, 2nd Floor, Chicago IL 60611

Contact: 312-280-4910

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Tandoor Char House (Best India Food In Chicago)


This fantastic restaurant is owned by brothers Fahim and Faraz, who were inspired by their parent’s cooking. Tandoor Char House represents the culture of India and Pakistan. The brother’s parents were known in their circle for serving delicious, spicy food. Their mother used to prepare the food using the most ancient cooking techniques, and their father would marinate the chicken with perfection.

As a result, amazed by the taste and the techniques, Fahim and Faraz thought to share the Indian- Pakistani food culture with the world. Today, Tandoor Char House is considered one of the best Indian restaurants in Chicago. 

Moreover, they serve the cuisine in a lively atmosphere set up in a simple decor. Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, the restaurant has something for everyone. 

Their scrumptious lamb tikka masala tacos and cheese and spinach stewed in creamy tomato sauce is worth every penny. Apart from these bestsellers, you can also try a mixed grill platter. 

Address, Location1:  2652 N Halsted Chicago, IL 60614

Location2: 110 W Hubbard St., Chicago, IL 

Contact: (773) 327-2652

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Namaste Chicago

Namaste Chicago is another restaurant that serves the best Indian food in Chicago. If you are looking for something that is a blend of Indian and Nepalese curry, this is the place for you. Besides, they are known for their healthy food since they use no artificial food coloring or ingredients to enhance the taste. 

Besides, they have every Indian item on their menu, and also they have typical Nepali food. Namaste Chicago will give a new experience to your taste buds, encouraging you to visit again. From ambiance to quality of food, you will find everything at its best. 

Address: 2515 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Contact: +1 773-904-7072

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For a pan-American food experience, try the Aikana restaurant in Chicago.


Oberoi’s Indian Food


Oberoi’s Indian Food is among the top restaurants known for its outstanding, tasty Indian food, friendly staff, and top-notch services. This restaurant serves classic dishes of India with fresh ingredients. 

No doubt, it is one of the best choices if you are looking for a casual date night or a brunch with your friends and family. 

Furthermore, Oberoi’s Indian Food gives an authentic taste of India with a blend of spices at affordable prices. However, the restaurant has an extensive menu with tons of options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarians. However, one of their most loved dishes is the chicken kabob and chicken jalfrezi served with rice. 

Address: 6407 N Bell Ave

Chicago, IL 60645

Contact: (773) 856-0275

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Cumin Restaurant

This award-winning restaurant offers Indian- Nepali food and is the first restaurant to combine the two cultures through food in Chicago. Nepali food is perfect for those people who are more conscious about their health as they don’t use any dairy products in the preparation. Indian food is a blend of species and has a thick sauce base. 

Therefore, Cumin Restaurant fulfills your desire to have a food Indian- Nepali food made with fresh vegetables and other ingredients. 

They have a designed menu with an array of appetizers, starters, beverages, veg, and non-veg main course. Also, their menu consists of enduring hit dishes, including Chicken Tikka Masala, chicken dumplings, and choela chicken diced in tandoor with Nepali herbs and spices. 

Address: 1414 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622 

Contact: 773-342-1414 

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Vermillion (Best Indian Food in Chicago)


Vermillion is an excellent choice if you are looking for a fancy night out with your partner or celebrating something special. They are known for Indian blended cuisines and Latin American cuisine. Vermillion has a large menu with a long list of mouthwatering items. So head in for lunch or dinner you can enjoy anytime. The fancy interiors and a portion of exotic food will make your day or night to remember. 

Vermillion offers a wide selection of Indian Latin taps, and they are popular for garlic naan with tandoori skirt steak, or you can choose paneer. It is made with Indian spices and herbs. And complete your meal with mango mint mojito. 

Apart from popular items, they have many delicious, tempting dishes that include blue corn-crusted scallops and tandoori sour cream, and duck vindaloo arepas with pome molasses. Vermillion is considered one of the best and most creative restaurants in Chicago. 

Address: 10 w. Hubbard, Chicago, il 60610

Contact: 312.527.4060 

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Kama Bistro

Another fancy restaurant that offers the best Indian food in Chicago. The Kama Bistro is a mixture of traditional and creative fusion. Kama Bistro was opened in 2009 with a pretty simple mission. That is to make food that brings smiles to people’s faces. They use fresh ingredients and Indian species with ancient techniques to prepare.  

The Kama wanted to highlight Indian cuisine. They are well known for curried lamb tacos, Chilean sea bass, ribs namaste, and charcoal-grilled prime ribeye. 

With Indian species and techniques, they have given a new taste to American dishes. On that note, Kama Bistro offers ten regional and fusion sauces made from scratch with a fresh blend of spices. Apart from food, they are also known for their variety of cocktails. To complete your Indian fusion meal, grab one of Kama’s signature cocktails: cucumber chili martini with vodka and homemade chili syrup.  

Address: 9 South La Grange Rd. La Grange, IL 60525

Contact: (708) 352-3300 

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Give your tastebuds a new taste of Indian herbs and spices. Visit these amazing restaurants that offer finger-licking Indian food and enjoy the flavourful dishes of India. Undoubtedly, these are the places where you can find the best Indian food in Chicago.

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