St Cecilia Atlanta for The Best Italian Seafood

Atlanta is a significant cultural centre for the entire Southeastern United States, not just for Georgia. Its distinctively American culture reflects a difficult but successful history.

Despite being a landlocked city, Atlanta has an abundance of seafood restaurants that are just as varied and inventive as its other tourist attractions. Atlanta’s seafood industry has everything, whether you’re searching for a classy seafood and steakhouse or a crowded, energetic seafood market.

When the sun sets and the business closes, Buckhead’s bustling swiftly shifts to St. Cecilia’s elegant atmosphere. St. Cecilia is a seafood restaurant and raw bar with a Mediterranean theme that is another venture by renowned Atlanta chef and restaurateur Ford Fry. It specializes in French, Italian, and Spanish coastal cuisine. You can’t help but feel like you’ve been whisked away from Atlanta traffic and over to Italy when you eat food that is influenced by the European coastline. You’ll feel the Mediterranean’s beauty and indulge in it thanks to the glitzy atmosphere.

Address: 3455 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326, United States

Phone: +1 404-554-9995


Store Hours:

Sunday: Closed | Monday: Closed | Tuesday: 5-10 PM | Wednesday: 5-10 PM | Thursday: 5-10 PM | Friday: 5-11 PM | Saturday: 5-11 PM

St Cecilia Atlanta Menu:

st cecilia atlanta for the best Italian seafood

St. Cecilia, a restaurant in Buckhead’s stunning Pinnacle Building, has won numerous awards from all food publications. “Show-stopping” is how Forbes Travel Guide describes the menu. St. Cecilia, run by award-winning chef-owner Ford Fry, delivers coastal European cuisine. With names like “salumi e formaggi” and “pasta e riso,” the menu may look traditionally Italian, but the restaurant adds a twist by focusing on seafood and using regional, Southern ingredients. Its simple and thoughtful meals are inspired by the beaches of Italy, Spain, and France. Executive chef Craig Richards uses adaptable and regional Southern ingredients to showcase the Italian trademarks that have endured the test of time using an old-world, ingredient-driven approach.

There are many alternatives on the menu, and Richards’ cooking is anchored in tradition and has a sense of location, but lovers of seafood and pasta will particularly enjoy it. Italian Crudo delicacies like Tonno, yellowfin tuna, smoked trout roe, and cured egg yolk are included on the small plates at St. Cecilia.  There is a fantastic range of risotto and hand-made pasta. The restaurant has stylish décor, and there is a spacious bar for guests to hang out with a drink, with offerings including handmade cocktails or drinks from the extensive beer and wine lists.

Seasonal small appetizers like fresh Crudo, cured meats, hearth-roasted octopus, and burrata are served first, followed by indulgent seasonal entrées such as Maine sea scallops and wood-roasted branzino. From creamy gnudi with house ricotta and brown butter to squid ink spaghetti with tomato-uni ragu, pick from a rotating menu of handcrafted pasta dishes. Try some of the Italian-inspired desserts produced by pastry director Chrysta Poulos, such as loukoumades with honey-cinnamon syrup and chocolate torta al Tartufo, after dinner.

Delightful Decor:

st cecilia atlanta for the best Italian seafood

The restaurant is situated on Peachtree Road between Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza, in the heart of Buckhead’s retail paradise. The interior is sleek and contemporary with rustic touches you could see in a Ralph Lauren fashion spread: stuffed game birds hidden inside of wooden bookcases, dazzling white tiles, and harsh metal light fixtures suspended from the high ceiling. Saks Fifth Avenue can be seen from the large glass wall along Peachtree, and there are often Ferraris in the valet area. There are also plenty of attractive people at the long, busy white marble bar, just as elegant as the expensive automobiles outside. 

Bottom Line:

With its magnificent décor and enticing menu, St. Cecilia has emerged as the most popular dining spot in town. It’s the ideal place for a date night as well as a business lunch and happy hour with the gals. From crudo to freshly prepared pasta, one nibble or sip will make you want to return right away.


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