Rooftop Pool Atlanta: 5 Noteworthy Picks!

When we talk about the concept of a rooftop pool in Atlanta, there are quite a few good options to explore in the city. To make your research easier, we have collected information about these top 5 noteworthy pools in Atlanta where you can relax and have a great time. Atlanta is one of those places where people love to have a good time, and when it comes to a rooftop pool, it is indeed one of the most exquisite stops for many. 

If you love a good swim, then these places are perfect for you, and not only to chill yourself, this could be the perfect hangout spot with your friends and family. 

Rooftop Pool Atlanta

Atlanta is probably one of the most beautiful places in the USA, so people here love to have a good time. Specifically for those who love to have a good experience during swimming sessions and want relaxation from the everyday hustle and bustle. 

Furthermore, if you are thinking about the hygienic factors of the same, we can say that these are extremely reliable and hence can be accorded as promising rooftop pools to visit in Atlanta. Here are the top 5 rooftop pool in Atlanta:


Omni Hotel at the Battery Atlanta

Omni Hotel at the Battery Atlanta rooftop pool atlanta

When we are talking about the best rooftop pools in Atlanta, it is very important to mention the name of Omni Hotel at Battery Atlanta. It is probably one of the most stunning locations in Atlanta and is also luxurious at the same time. 

As you can see from the name itself, this exclusive swimming pool is located in none other than the very good Battery Atlanta shopping mall. Along with the rooftop pool, one of the beautiful things you can experience here is the rooftop bar, which has a great selection of cocktails you need to try out. 

The best part is that you can rent a private cabana on the side for an exquisite experience by the pool. Another unique thing about this rooftop pool in Atlanta is that once you are done with swimming, there are some amazing finger-licking tidbits for you to try. These are not only extremely delicious to taste but also amp up your relaxation by providing a gastronomic delight. 

Address: 2625 Circle 75 Parkway

Eligibility: For those putting up at the Omni Hotel as guests.


Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Downtown

Hilton Garden Inn, Atlanta, Downtown

The next option when it comes to the best rooftop pool Atlanta is none than Hilton Garden Inn. You will be amazed to know that it has a very good indoor pool, and the view from the outdoor pool is simply exquisite and one of the favorites for most guests who put up here. 

If you want the best luxurious experience without thinking about anything else, Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta is the perfect location. Even after you are done swimming, you can choose to chill and have a great view of the skyline, which will make you crave more. If you want to take some time off and have a good time with yourself by enjoying the view, it cannot get better than this particular rooftop pool in Atlanta. 

Address: 275 Baker Street

Eligibility: Guests who are staying at the Hilton Garden Inn.


Hotel Midtown Atlanta

Hotel Midtown Atlanta rooftop pool atlanta

It would be a major mistake if we talked about the best rooftop pools in Atlanta but did not mention the name of Hotel Midtown. One of the most exquisite things about their pools and the decor is that it is extremely lavish and modern. 

There are lounges around the pool where you can enjoy and hang out once you are done swimming. This place is perfect if you want to chill out in a premium pool and enjoy a few delicious snacks. You can expect a view of the entire busy city from the place. 

Address: 188 14th St NE

Eligibility: Guests who are staying at the Hotel Midtown.


Twelve Midtown

Twelve Midtown

When we talk about rooftop gems in Atlanta, particularly in the Midtown area, Twelve is yet another name that deserves special mention. It is one of the most premium boutique hotels in Atlanta and gives you access to both the restaurant as well as the boutique shops in the mall nearby. 

They are known to operate one of the most beautiful and promising Italian restaurants in town, Arora. This is the ultimate place to try on if you want a few good snacks and drinks after your swim.

Address: 361 Seventeenth Street Northwest

Eligibility: Guests putting up at the hotel.


Hotel Colee

Hotel Colee rooftop pool atlanta

And finally, we will end the discussion with one of the most exquisite rooftop pools in Atlanta that have to be mentioned in this particular discussion. It is none other than Hotel Colee, and it does have a 24-hour lobby attached along with a fitness center where you can work out and then go for a quick swim. It looks over Peachtree Road, and hence the view is exquisite. There is a rooftop bar as well, which overlooks the pool and is a great experience indeed.

Address: 3377 Peachtree Road Northeast

Eligibility: The pool can be accessed by guests only; however, you can enjoy a couple of drinks until 5 pm for exterior guests.


There are a few other options for the best rooftop pool in Atlanta; however, these are the best choices to try on. The only catch here is that you might not be able to access the pools if you are not staying at the hotels. 


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