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Atlanta is renowned for its delicious cuisine and exciting nightlife. What else goes along with a fun night out? Nobody is ever let down by the city, especially when it comes to FOOD! From food to drinks Rock Steady restaurant has everything. Rock Steady, owned by Joe Russo and Jacob Thomas, offers a fusion of Caribbean and West African cuisine. Entrepreneur Jacob Thomas, a Haitian American, founded Rock Steady alongside restaurateur Joe Russo to honor the diverse culinary traditions of the West Indies. Thomas was motivated by his cultural heritage, his love of travel, and his passion for cooking.

No doubt, Afro-Caribbean restaurant Rock Steady Atlanta is quickly becoming a cult favorite in West Midtown because of its distinctive drinks and a unique late-night menu. The atmosphere at Rock Steady is exactly what you would expect from a place where making reservations months in advance is the norm.

Address: 907 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States


Contact: +1 470-788-8120

Caribbean and West African Inspired – Rock Steady Atlanta Menu:

rock steady atlanta

Rock Steady is a scratch kitchen that uses locally sourced ingredients from bakers and artisans to maintain a consistent handcrafted quality. The hand-crafted cocktails and shareable appetizers on the Rock Steady menu are “modern renditions of classic Caribbean cuisine with West African influences.” Their breakfast was elevated because of the excellent food. For one of the most distinctive and tasty brunches in the city, the brunch menu combines an African-Diasporic culinary style with a hint of Asian fusion. 

Along with various creative vegetarian options, main dinners include delicacies such as homemade Black Pepper Pappardelle Pasta with Slow Braised Oxtail, Braised Jerk Chicken, Kreyol Seafood Curry, and Brown Stew Lamb Shank. Main dishes include grilled chicken from Haiti, fried goat, and oxtail fiore are available to diners. 

On Fridays and Saturdays, there is an “edited” late-night menu offered until 2 a.m. in addition to dinner. “Unexpected twists of the elevated supper menu” like Jerk Lollipop Wings and a Rock Steady Burger with a Caribbean flair are offered on the “Late Nite” menu.

Drinks at Rock Steady Atlanta

The Rock Steady Bar Team manages the creative bar and beverage programs under the direction of Lead Bartender Kiara Tarver and Bar Manager Breon Reynolds. Mr. Killa, a signature cocktail named after the well-known and energetic dancer from Grenada, has just been added to the menu and is available for Sunday Brunch and dinner. Like its namesake, Mr. Killa, a blend of rums leaves an electric impression when combined with house-made habanero tamarind habanero curry syrup, grapefruit, and pineapple juice.

  • Manhattans
  • Sidecars
  • Mint Juleps
  • Cool Out

The Space:

rock steady atlanta

The food honors Executive Chef Lucy’s Black American soulful culinary style and Jacob Thomas’ Haitian heritage. The layout is romantic, stylish, and highly private. Rocksteady is a true depiction of Atlanta’s standing as a Black mecca when faultless service, plating, and food.

The gorgeous interiors have a unique fusion of modern and island touches that complement contemporary Caribbean cuisine. There is a great assortment of beverages with Caribbean flavors and excellent service.

In keeping with the concept, vintage photographs, hand-painted murals, and African textiles and artefacts offer the ideal atmosphere for indulging in those alluring cocktails.


The Rock Steady music playlist was chosen by Fathom DJ, an internal DJ. Music has a special place in the immersive, sensory eating experience at Rock Steady. Reggae, dancehall, Afrobeats, and Kompas, among other genres, are among the finest DJ performances from across the nation that is released in close collaboration with the reopening.

Rock Steady has a modest dancing area, a dining room with 70 seats, a cocktail bar with 15 seats, and a private lounge with 12 seats. There are two places to eat: downstairs, which has a more formal restaurant atmosphere, and upstairs, which has a hipper atmosphere with luxurious couches and seating spots near the DJ. 

Wrapping Up

The best way to understand any country is through its cuisine, and Rock Steady exemplifies this adage perfectly because each meal takes you to the Caribbean and Africa to introduce you to its rich flavors and exquisite details. The restaurant offers reservations so you may have opulent moments and offers private meal alternatives. So, when you visit the city and enjoy the amazing nightlife, check out Rock steady Atlanta for the best drinks and food.


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