Havana Club Atlanta – Best Nightclub in the City

Havana Club Atlanta is the spot to explore when you hope to enjoy your night out at a club. Moreover, this club is among some of the best nightclubs in Atlanta. With various DJs and live music, this place is perfect for dancing the night away. 

Furthermore, this nightclub is worth exploring if you want a perfect clubbing experience. It offers an ambiance to relax, party, and listen to some great music by the in-house DJs and, of course, accompanied by great food and drinks. So, let’s explore more about Atlanta’s Havana Club.

Havana Club Atlanta

Address: Havana Club Atlanta, 3112 Piedmont Road 

Phone: 404 941 4847


Atlanta’s Havana club is a popular place to socialize and have fun. Further, it offers a variety of activities and events, making the club a great place to meet new people. This is among the best nightclubs in the city and offers an exciting atmosphere with great DJs and performers. In addition, the club offers themed nights with something for everyone. 

The best part, the club also has VIP areas where you can enjoy more privileges. If you’re looking for a good night out, Atlanta’s Havana Club is the perfect place.

All About Havana Club Atlanta

This club is located in one of the top neighborhoods in Atlanta. Furthermore, Havana Club in Atlanta is an upscale nightclub that delivers a VIP experience to its guests and is quite popular among the elites of Atlanta city.

Atmosphere and Design

The club is spacious, with 15,000 square feet of area that can easily accommodate more than 2,000 people. Further, it is designed to provide an exciting atmosphere to its guests, with satellite TVs throughout the club that adds to the lively atmosphere. Havana Club in Atlanta also provides exotic cigars made from cedar wood, and you can smell them in the air inside the club.

Atmosphere and Design: Havana Club Atlanta

The overall design of this club is breathtakingly luxurious and combines a high-end lounge and a lively nightclub. Moreover, there are three rooms inside the club; all three provide VIP seating, different music genre, lighting and sound system, and an exclusive DJ. The club has a Bangalow and cabana section where you can have a private party. Here are the three luxurious rooms at the Havana Club Atlanta that you can explore:

  • • The Main Room
  • • The Latin Room
  • • Casa De Havana

Events and Private Parties

The club is known to host several events that are very popular and attract crowds. If you are looking to throw a perfect bash for your birthday or wedding or enjoy quality time with your friends where you can forget your day-to-day life stress and enjoy the music and food, then Atlanta’s Havana Club is the best option. In addition, they offer a fantastic menu of food and drinks with friendly staff and bartenders.

Havana Club Atlanta Party

Additionally, the club hosts several events, especially this holiday season, several parties and events will take place. Furthermore, the club is known to host one of the biggest parties of the year, with several famous DJs joining and other celebrities too. 

Most importantly, this night club is open from 9 pm to 3 am on Friday and Saturday, and the office hour between Monday to Saturday from 12 pm to 7 pm. 


Havana Club Atlanta is the perfect club if you are looking for the ultimate party spot for any event or just a casual fun outing with friends. Moreover, it comes with a relaxing ambiance accompanied by good food and great drinks. So, the next time you want a place to party, keep this club in your mind and enjoy your night out! 


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