Highland Bakery Atlanta: Where Baked Goods Meet

Highland Bakery Atlanta, located in Atlanta, Georgia, has established itself as a beloved bakery and brunch spot. It began as a small bakery in 2003 and has flourished into a culinary gem, attracting locals and people who come to see Atlanta. 

In addition to that, Stacey Eames, a talented and passionate pastry chef, has gained a reputation for creating delectable treats using high-quality ingredients. Furthermore, her commitment to using only the finest ingredients and infusing creativity into every recipe set Highland Bakery apart. As the bakery’s reputation spread, the demand for its offerings grew. This led to the expansion of Highland Bakery, with multiple locations opening across Atlanta. 

Exploring the Highland Bakery Atlanta 


Highland Bakery Old Fourth Ward 655 Highland Avenue NE, Suite 10

Atlanta, GA 30312

+1 (404)-586-0772
Highland Bakery Atlanta Financial Center  3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 130

Atlanta, GA 30316

+1 (678)-904-2146
Highland Bakery Downtown GSU 55 Park Place NE Atlanta, GA 30303 +1 (404)-330-8922


Highland Bakery’s journey began with Stacey’s passion for exceptional coffee. She set up coffee carts across the city, introducing Atlantans to higher coffee enjoyment. However, she soon realized that coffee alone couldn’t sustain the body, leading her to offer delectable muffins and nutritious bread. People quickly embraced these additions.

As Stacey’s reputation grew, she saw the potential in Southern comfort food. The opportunity arose when she came across the original Highland Bakery from the 1930s, known for its historic deliveries by horse and buggy. And this gave Stacey the chance to carry on the bakery’s legacy. With her vision and respect for the bakery’s heritage, she expanded the menu to include various bakery goods beyond muffins and bread. Highland Bakery Atlanta became a cherished destination, offering delicious treats and a taste of its remarkable history.

The Menu at Highland Bakery

Menu at Atlanta's Highland Bakery

The bakery offers a fusion of flavors. You must try the iconic favorite, the Sweet Potato Pancakes. These fluffy pancakes are infused with the subtle sweetness of sweet potatoes and served with cinnamon butter and pecan-praline syrup. 

However, if you’re craving a savory indulgence, the Fried Chicken Benedict is a must-try. It features crispy fried chicken on a flaky buttermilk biscuit, topped with perfectly poached eggs and a velvety hollandaise sauce, creating a delightful interplay of textures and flavors.

The Red Velvet French Toast is a breakfast masterpiece for sweet tooths. Thick slices of this French toast are made from special red velvet cake, dipped in custard, and cooked to perfection. They are then topped with a drizzle of cream cheese icing, leaving you craving more with every bite. Seafood lovers are in for a treat with the Smoked Salmon Bagel, featuring thinly sliced smoked salmon, a spread of cream cheese, and traditional toppings like red onions, capers, and fresh dill.

Selection of Freshly Baked Goods

Highland Bakery doesn’t stop at these signature dishes; it also has quite a selection of freshly baked goods. Each item is lovingly crafted and flavorful, from flaky croissants to irresistible muffins. Additionally, the bakery also showcases Stacey Eames’ pastry expertise through cakes and pies. This offers options ranging from classic flavors to more adventurous creations. Highland Bakery’s specialty coffees and teas complement these delightful treats, perfectly harmonizing with the bakery’s offerings.

The Ambiance

Space at Highland Bakery

The bakery’s laid-back yet vibrant energy perfectly complements gatherings with friends for a leisurely brunch, solo breakfasts, or quick coffee and pastry breaks. Moreover, It provides a comfortable and welcoming environment.


The exceptional quality of the food, combined with the innovative and creative approach to recipes, has garnered rave reviews from both customers and food critics. Additionally, Highland Bakery has been praised in local and national magazines for its delectable menu offerings, high-quality ingredients, and delightful presentation. This recognition and positive feedback testify to the bakery’s commitment to delivering an exceptional dining experience.

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In conclusion

Highland Bakery Atlanta has undoubtedly made its mark as a beloved bakery and brunch spot in the bustling city of Atlanta. However, beyond its mouthwatering food, Highland Bakery distinguishes itself by its commitment to the Atlantans.

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