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In Atlanta, some nights are just for an amazing steak dinner. And modern chophouses that offer globally-inspired fare to old-fashioned meat joints, the city has many steakhouses where one can enjoy a great steak. But when it comes to enjoying some delicious and uniquely-prepared steak types, one can always head to STK Steakhouse Atlanta. With more than 20 locations from Milan to New York, Scottsdale to Ibiza, STK Steakhouse promises its guests a high-end red meat experience. If you want to vibe up your dinner tonight and are looking for the best place for this, it’s time to visit STK Steakhouse in Atlanta.


Address: 1075 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, United States

Phone: +1 404-793-0144


The Amazing and Unforgettable Vibe

stk steakhouse atlanta

STK steakhouse is well known as a female-friendly and chic lounge and steakhouse. In contrast to gentleman’s club-style and masculine steakhouses, STK steakhouse Atlanta is aimed to reinvent the category with amazing softer and comfortable décor, plenty of seafood, a menu that includes large, medium and small steaks and a bar that serves some unique and freshly create drinks to add energy.

While the place is for both men and women, on average, around 55 to 60 percent of guests are women. Do you love the chrome-hard ambiance, or do you like dining out with your friends? Do you love that smooth down-lighting ambiance that triggers your romantic mood? Well, in STK steakhouse in Atlanta, you can enjoy all these things. If this sounds like the idea of a dream, then visit the place, and you can feel like all your dreams come true.

This is the place where the guests take pictures of food instead of taking pictures of themselves. STK Steakhouse perfectly combines a chic lounge and modern steakhouse into one, providing the guests with a dynamic fine dining experience. Apart from the interior, the venue has a DJ to form a high-energy and infectious atmosphere.

The sleep environment encourages every person at STK Steakhouse to mingle and interact. We must say that the acoustics are amazing, and it is possible to have a proper conversation while enjoying the delicious food and live DJ. STK aims to transform the modern dining experience with the best ambiance, world-class hospitality and amazing food.

Explore the Menu

Explore the Menu

Many call STK Steakhouse the perfect night out, and we agree with them. Not just for the vibe or interior, STK Steakhouse Atlanta is also well known for its menu. Just look at the menu, and you will get confused about what to choose. They have different options like weekend brunch menu, wine by the bottle, drinks menu, date night menu, social house hour menu, wagyu special and more.

The restaurant also has a new winter menu that includes brown carb emulsion, crab crust, snapper ceviche and more served with aubergine sauce. One of the most popular items on the menu is Shellfish Platters.

The platters include ceviche, clams, oysters, Dungeness crab, Jalapeno pickled shrimp, mignonette, and Maine lobster. However, as the name suggests, this is all about grain-fed USDA steaks in different cuts and grass-fed tomahawks weighing around 700g. Don’t forget to try STK’s dry-aged Porterhouse and Filet 6 oz and 3 grilled prawns. In terms of toppings, you can go for lobster tail, STK zing rub, king crab Oscar, peppercorn crusted and more.

The restaurant also has some delicious dessert options, like cheesecake with raspberry coulis, chocolate cake, apple pie, Bag O’ Donuts and more. The drinks menu includes different types of freshly made cocktails, and the cost of every cocktail is $21.

Some of the popular cocktail options are spiced watermelon, STK mule, cucumber stiletto with grey goose vodka, dirty pearls, negroni and more. If you are visiting the place with your friends, opt for its Paloma Bucket, which includes 4 fever tree grapefruit, espolon tequila, tajin and fresh lime juice.

Well, you need to keep in mind that some food items may be served undercooked or raw.

Final Thoughts

STK Steakhouse in Atlanta is expensive and brash, and you may find it a little silly. However, owned by One Group, STK Atlanta is a place that you should give a try if you are a true steak lover. We can assure you that, here, you will end up having an amazingly good time with your friends. This place has different options on the menu to meet every person’s expectations.


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