Atlanta Motorsports Park

The sport of motorcycling deserves to be recognized as the finest in the world. Everyone has a favourite sport, whether it is football, cricket, golf, or motorsport for many. This was especially true when we were on lockdown. There are other reasons why you should favour motorsport as well.

Atlanta Motorsports Park is a 2-mile roadway course that has a number of elevation changes, complex curves, high-speed straightaways, and two “signature” sections inspired by renowned European race tracks, Belgium’s Spa-Francorchamps and Germany’s legendary “Carousel” from the Nurburgring. AMP has you set whether it’s your first time here or you’re coming back for another Supercar Track Xperience.

Address: 20 Duck Thurmond Rd, Dawsonville, GA 30534, United States
Phone: +1 678-381-8527

A One-of-a-kind Membership with AMP

Be a part of one of the most thrilling racing communities in America. The first ecological, viable country club for fast automobiles, motorbikes, and karts were Atlanta Motorsports Park. Members may lawfully drive their vehicles quickly in a controlled atmosphere on their two Formula One-designed tracks while bonding with other racing aficionados.

Exclusive events, substantial track time, and opulent amenities are all combined by AMP to provide colleagues, family, and customers access to a brand-new way of life.

With Private club membership, you get the following:

  • Access to club activities that are exclusively open to members, such as member socials, members-only track days, and reductions from our on-site merchants
  • There are many membership tiers depending on how much track time you require.
  • Additional benefits include cheap public karting sessions, free coaching days, longer track hours on certain evenings, and event venue rental.

AMP: The Most Unique Kart Racing Experience

Atlanta Motorsports Park

A wonderful activity for families to do together is go-karting. Kids find it thrilling, fast-paced, and competitive. Kids may learn the fundamentals of driving a car while also developing their confidence by becoming proficient at driving a go-kart on a course. While having a blast behind the wheel of a modern vehicle, racing lets children concentrate and develop their fundamental motor skills and reflexes.

The most distinctive karting track in the world is located at Atlanta Motorsports Park. With 43 feet of elevation variation and a track designed to Formula One standards, AMP Kart Racing provides a karting thrill unlike any other. 

With Atalanta Motorsports Park (AMP), you get the following: 

Ultimate Public Karting

Nothing can quite match the great sense of anticipation you feel as you wait for the starting light to turn green and look forward to the rush of unexpected acceleration and the approaching race.

On a kart course with the most extreme elevation variation currently seen on earth, achieve speeds of up to 55 mph!

Private Events that are Memorable

 A few ferocious circuits around the AMP track are the greatest option if you’re searching for a great way to spend time with your loved ones and family.

For parties, team building, VIP entertainment, birthdays, bachelor parties, and other events, they provide amusing group activities.

 Become a Kart Member

The sport of go-karting is played by around 35 million Americans each year. Take advantage of special exposure to AMP Kart Racing to find your newest addiction. We are a one-stop shop for anything karting-related.

AMP: The Race Track Condos

AMP: The Race Track Condos

The Atlanta Racing Park Condos give car enthusiasts and racers a chance to acquire a condo with a view of one of the country’s greatest motorsports country clubs. Atlanta Motorsports Park Condos is the ideal spot for auto fans and racing aficionados to call home since they provide residents with accessibility to the clubhouse, conference centre, resort-style pool/hot tub, water slide, fitness centre, outdoor kitchen, and putting green.

There has never been a better time to buy a Race Track Condo. Ownership at AMP Condos is available for almost $341,999. The ideal place to take advantage of all the advantages of country club life is Atlanta Motorsports Park Condos. One of the best motorsports country clubs in America will be visible from your condo.

The Ideal Place for Your Upcoming Event

A unique motorsports playground, AMP is the perfect setting for your upcoming event. Their two distinct F1-inspired courses can liven up any occasion thanks to a flexible year-round schedule and the weather-friendly Southeastern environment.

When you’re not on track, you can always make use of the many conveniences and comforts at Atalanta Motorsports Park (AMP). They have a welcoming members’ lounge, a segregated workout centre, and a wine and humidor area. The most cutting-edge WiFi system is installed throughout the facility, and cutting-edge audio and video equipment with wireless hand-held microphones and lavalieres are also installed.


Try AMP for yourself by learning to race, wrecking your own tires on the track, drifting on our skidpad, renting a fleet of karts, renting the track, or simply lounging by the pool throughout the weekend.

Their one-of-a-kind racing facility serves as an eye-catching background for any occasion. They can offer a memorable experience for parties of all sizes by combining their most distinctive activities, the clubhouse, and private club accommodations.


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