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Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and home to many corporate offices, such as The Coca-Cola Company and Delta Air Lines. Atlanta is a popular destination for personal and business travel. Atlanta is full of world-class restaurants, shops, and exciting nightspot. Along the streets of Atlanta, you will find bars and nightclubs. Each dance club has its unique vibe and style. No matter what kind of nightclub you are searching for, you will find it in Atlanta, Georgia.

Address: 2416 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, United States
Phone: +1 404-400-5062


About gold room Atlanta nightclub

The gold room nightclub has set its sights on becoming the most popular and successful venue in all of Atlanta. In recent times, they have achieved a lot of remarkable successes, which is very impressive. In the years to come, they will maintain a high level of success in various areas. If things continue as they are, Gold Room will easily outpace all of its rivals and establish itself as the most popular spot in the neighbourhood for nightlife.

Gold Room is the name of one of the most popular and prominent nightclubs in Atlanta. The entire space available at this location amounts to 7,500 square feet. The Gold Room’s lavish furnishings can be found throughout its levels, making it an ideal venue for making an excellent first impression. Because of this, every person who went to the club could depart with a positive feeling. On the other side, guests in the gold room in Atlanta can access an audiovisual setup. It offers top-notch support and assistance for consumers in every region.

gold room atlanta

The nightclub is only accessible to members of the general public on Friday and Saturday evenings. When the clock strikes twelve, the doors will be unlocked, and people will be invited inside. After then, you can continue partying until three in the morning. The club has been thoughtfully planned so you won’t feel out of place there. Everyone who enters Atlanta’s gold room is required to adhere to the dress code that has been established.

Insider Tips

  •       Gold Room is where you’ll find the most prominent names for DJs.
  •       Shoes are not required for Electronic Dance Music nights!
  •       For your convenience, they offer valet parking at no additional cost.

Some other basic Information about Gold room

Some other basic Information about Gold room

  • Where it is located?

You can find the Gold Room in Buckhead’s Lindbergh neighbourhood.

  • What is the Gold Room’s cover price like?

On certain occasions, a $20 cover is required to enter Gold Room.

  • How long is the Gold Room wait time?

Wait times might range from 10-40 minutes, so plan accordingly.

  • When can you visit Gold Room?

Fridays and Saturdays are Gold Room’s open nights.

  • Which night does Gold Room tend to be the most crowded?

Of course, the best parties are the ones that feature famous DJs.

  • Who knows the gold Room dress code?

Shoes are optional at EDM events. Please, no sneakers or sandals. A strict no-boots policy includes no Timberland or other work boots. No baseball caps, extra-loose clothing, or shorts are permitted.

  • What are the drink prices like at Gold Room?

Approximately $10 will get you a cocktail.

  • In what genre do the musicians at Gold Room specialize?

Primarily top 40, with some electronic dance music and hip hop thrown in, may be heard in the Gold Room.

  • What DJs and events are scheduled to take place at Gold Room?

The Discotech app allows users to view upcoming events and reserve tables for Gold Room, among other venues.


The atmosphere of the Gold Room has been updated to reflect a more sophisticated and avant-garde persona. There is not another club in all of Atlanta that can compare to the atmosphere of this particular establishment.

Enjoy your time visiting Gold room!


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