Top 4 Atlanta Massage Schools

Atlanta Massage Schools offer the best of services for people who want to learn and make a career in the field. Furthermore, massage therapy is among the highest-growing careers in the world. Almost every second individual requires massage in one or the other form, be it a sportsperson, a corporate worker, or anyone. Furthermore, this has led to the development of various massage schools in Atlanta, serving massage therapy courses.

Additionally, these schools meet the state’s requirements for massage therapy education. In addition to classroom and laboratory instruction, students can receive practical experience by working in student clinics or private institutions.

Here are the top picks for the best Atlanta massage schools.

Atlanta Massage Schools

As one of the fastest-growing occupations in the United States, massage therapists are anticipated to be in high demand during the coming decade. Moreover, the ever-increasing demand for massage therapists has expanded massage therapy schools in Georgia that train individuals professionally. So, if you are interested in assisting individuals in improving their health or recovering faster, massage therapy may be a suitable profession for you.


Gwinnett College – Atlanta Massage Schools

Gwinnett College - Atlanta Massage Schools

At this massage school in Atlanta, students who successfully finish the massage therapy program get Associate of Applied Science degrees. Furthermore, the program at this Atlanta massage school includes instruction in Swedish, deep tissue, chair, and sports massage techniques.

Additionally, the massage therapy training program is a well-planned series of theses, each of which prepares the student for the more in-depth content. Further, the program aims at providing students with the scientific knowledge, physical skills, and business acumen required to be effective massage therapists in the professional world. Additionally, this massage school in Atlanta provides training in neuromuscular treatment, reflexology, and success strategies. Furthermore, the students gain practical experience in the field by working in on-campus clinics that provide therapy and counseling to people.

Address: 4230 Lawrenceville Highway, Suite 11

Contact Number: (770) 381-7200



Atlanta University of Health Sciences

Atlanta University of Health Sciences

Atlanta University of Health Sciences (AUHS) Massage Program is a private university that offers inexpensive student massage and professional bodywork training. Furthermore, this Atlanta massage school aims to give students an educational environment that promotes personal health and vitality, to provide students with a community bridge that educates, serves, and promotes the therapeutic advantages of massage, and to train students for professional practice in holistic massage.

In addition to teaching Swedish and Deep Tissue massage techniques, these institutions for massage therapy in Atlanta also cover business management and ethics topics. Moreover, the graduates can find employment in private practice, medical facilities, and spas across the county. Not just that, AUHS students have access to a variety of tuition payment options that are within their financial capabilities. Further, they believe it is crucial to demonstrate their support for graduates by allowing them to begin their professions without considerable student loan debt.

Address: 3751 Venture Drive, Suite 240

Contact Number: (678) 477-5275



Elaine Sterling Institute – Among Top Atlanta Massage Schools

Elaine Sterling Institute - Among Top Atlanta Massage Schools

Elaine Sterling Institute is a for-profit private college located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, inside the larger Atlanta metropolitan region. Due to the high acceptance percentage of 71%, this Atlanta massage school’s admissions procedure can be considered competitive. Furthermore, three of the most popular majors in the beauty business are Esthetician and Skin Care, Nail Technician, and Massage Therapy and Bodywork.

Additionally, the primary purpose of this one of the best Atlanta massage schools is to prepare each student for the world. Further, to thoroughly equip students to comprehend body systems, they are provided:

  • Theoretical education
  • Instructor and guest demonstrations
  • Guided practice
  • Clinic experience under the supervision of an instructor

Interestingly, this helps the massage therapy school’s educational atmosphere to promote a solid foundation in massage therapy. Not just that, the students will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with various holistic bodywork modalities. In short, they will be able to inform their clients and guests about how massage therapy can improve their physical and mental health by utilizing these skills.

Address: 3393 Peachtree Road North East

Contact Number: (404) 256-5228



Georgia Massage School

Georgia Massage School

Contact this massage school in Atlanta for the best courses and learn everything about the curriculum. Furthermore, they operate according to the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission’s (NPEC) minimal standards and criteria for certificate-granting schools, for which the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission has authorized them (NPEC). As part of these principles, the school maintains a Student Complaint Procedure to help students resolve any issues or complaints that may occur while engaging in school-related activities.

Address: 415 Horizon Dr. Bldg 200 Ste 275

Contact Number: (678) 482-1100 



Atlanta massage schools provide an excellent opportunity for people to start their careers in this field. Beginning a career as a massage therapist in Atlanta can be an excellent option for a young student and a sensible choice for an adult pursuing a degree or returning to school. Furthermore, as massage therapy gains greater acceptance in western medicine, its potential uses continue to expand.

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