Atlanta Chinatown Mall – with all the details

Have you just moved to Atlanta? Are you missing typical Chinese food and native products? Well, don’t lose heart as Atlanta Chinatown Mall will make you feel at home! 

Chinatown – a pinnacle of Chinese and Asian culture all across the world. It is like having a sense of home in a foreign land, where one can find typical native products, which otherwise are hard to find in a supermarket or commercial mall. Luckily, there are nearly 50 Chinatowns in the United States alone, including Atlanta. 

Launched in 1988, a decade after the Asian population grew significantly, it is in a class by itself in south-east America. Also, with the arrival of new immigrants in Beijing, the Chinatown mall was further expanded in 1996. 

Atlanta Chinatown Mall – Other Important Details 

Address: Chinatown Mall, 5383 New Peachtree Road, Suite C, Chamblee, GA 30341, US

Phone: +1 770-458-6660 

Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-9 p.m. ; Saturaday-Sunday, 10 a.m.-9:30 p.m. (Hours vary among vendors in the food court). 

Note: Please bring cash as they do not accept plastic. 

Atlanta Chinatown Mall – Architecture & Ambience

Atlanta Chinatown Mall - with all the details

Atlanta’s Chinatown is constructed in the form of a mall with modern built and aesthetics. Its mall-like resemblance is similar to those in Oakland and Las Vegas. The mall is beautifully embellished with oriental decorations, such as gold and red balloon-like lanterns and the shops boast brightened with Chinese signs. As you enter Atlanta’s Chinatown mall, you’ll start feeling the bustle of shops, restaurants, and vendors.

The mall’s entrance is graced with a beautiful pair of lions. A big restaurant, a supermarket and the food court covers a large area of the mall premises. The first and second floor of the Altanta Chinatown Mall has several smaller shops where products like books, gifts, Chinese decor, and Fengshui can be bought. Besides, some other stores including legal services, Fengshui consulting services and tea shops are also there. 

The Atlanta Chinatown Mall also comprises a Chinese Garden, right in the center. The garden perfectly symbolizes the Chinese culture, which can be experienced through symbolism like scenic red bridge over a small koi pond, wall mural depicting the Great Wall of China, and sculptures of bodhisattvas. It’s a common spot for people to socilaize, especially youngsters who gather for tea parties and even play Chinese Chess at the cement tables placed around the garden. People also visit here to stroll around in this calm, quiet and manicured garden. 

Atlanta Chinatown Mall – The FoodCourt & The Food

Atlanta Chinatown Mall - Architecture & Ambience

 Well, it’s true that the overall beauty of the Atlanta’s Chinatown mall is captivating. But, one of the major reasons why people are drawn to this mall is the food court that serves the most authentic Chinese food in entire Altanta. If you are fond of Chinese cuisine and your taste buds crave it everytime, this is the place for you. 

The Atlanta Chinatown foodcourt has six restaurant stalls, two dine-in restaurants (Oriental Pearl (Chinese) and Golden Saloon (Spanish bar), and a bakery. You can enjoy typical Chinese recies, passed over the generations. Besides Chinese food, the foodcourt also serves Cantonese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Laotian cuisines. Beef noodle soup, tea eggs, pork soup dumplings, small batch soy milk, and whole duck are some of the most ordered dishes here.  

Just bring in a big appetite when heading towards the Atlanta’s Chinatown mall foodcourt if you really want to experience all of it. 

Atlanta Chinatown Mall – Festivals & Events

Every year, the Atlanta Chinatown celebrates Chinese New Year – the most important event in Chinese culture, in full swing. It hosts various celebrations for the local Chinese community. Typical Chinese theatrics provide entertainment for visitors on the red-carpeted stage. Food is the major draw and Altanta mall never falls short of it. People hog on food items like noodles, dumplings, succulent roast duck, and steamed fish dishes. 

The best part? People from two different cultures – Chinese and American, come to Altanta to celebrate their New Year together. 

So, if you are a food lover, especially Chinese cuisine, and want to enjoy your meal in a typical Chinese culture, Atlanta Chinatown Mall will give you the best feel. Visit once and you wouldn’t resist visiting it again! 


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