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Bacchanalia Atlanta is the place to be for great food you can relish on a night out in the city. Atlanta has many beautiful places, neighborhoods, classic cafes, and restaurants worth visiting. So, if you are here for a vacation, you will never get bored because you have plenty of options. Especially you don’t have to worry about food as Atlanta has one of the most beautiful locations to dine for breakfast and dinner and explore lunch spots. Bacchanalia is one such restaurant that offers a beautiful ambiance and delicious dining. 

Bacchanalia Atlanta

Address: 1460 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd

Contact: +1-404-365-0410


Bacchanalia is without any doubt one of the finest restaurants in Atlanta, something for which people prepare for days. Furthermore, it was started by a couple in 1993. Moreover, Anne Quatrano and Clifford Harrison started this beautiful space in the streets of Atlanta with contemporary American cuisine. Both are chefs as well, hence contributing to the taste of Bacchanalia Atlanta. Furthermore, they also won the James Beard award in 2003. 

Bacchanalia Atlanta Food

Bacchanalia in Atlanta is a huge space, stylish and bright. Moreover, it has high ceilings with hanging lights which adds up to the beauty of the place. As you enter the restaurant, the smell of roasted coffee beans welcomes you. The place draws inspiration from modern art, and it is impossible to ignore how the walls speak for themselves. Interestingly, this place features in Season 1 of “Queer Eye” on Netflix. 

More about Bacchanalia Atlanta 

The staff at Atlanta’s Bacchanalia is knowledgeable and great at their service. Furthermore, they are not pretentious and assist you in every possible way. The service is fast, and the staff is attentive. In addition, you can also read about their whole team on their website. The staff has detailed knowledge of dishes and help you decide your choice of course. 

More about Bacchanalia Atlanta 

There is a good thing about the place, all the ingredients used in dishes are organic. Some of them are directly picked up from farms. Moreover, this contributes to the freshness and unique experience for all the guests. Further, Bacchanalia in Atlanta offers a four-course menu at $110. Additionally, this menu floats throughout the season on all evenings. They also offer a wine pairing suggestion with their menu options. Not just that, they have a huge bar with other a variety of beverages. 

The Ultimate Dishes

The dishes here have so much variety that there are possibilities of you getting overwhelmed deciding what to eat. Moreover, the force course menu starts with the starters, which are never to be missed. Most importantly, no one likes to miss those tasty crab fitters! Furthermore, the flavors of various dishes here are delicately balanced. Interestingly, the pork loin and belly are good to try if you are here. At Bacchanalia Atlanta, the wood-grilled New York strip with marrow, egg emulsions, and braised scallion. Celery root ravioli is the favorite one amongst their regular visitors. 

Some of the must-try dishes when you visit the restaurant are coddled egg, Rohan duck, Jamison lamb, Red Cow Parmigiano, and pain au chocolat. Bacchanalia Atlanta also offers vegan food in the first and second courses. Also, all the dessert and cheese courses are vegetarian. There is ample space for parking. Further, it is better to make a reservation before visiting. Moreover, they also offer wheelchair access. 

Wrapping Up

The overall experience of dining at Bacchanalia Atlanta is like no other. Especially because of their four-course service and how they execute it. Additionally, it is the perfect place for a romantic date with your partner and a beautiful destination to have a cozy family dinner. So, get your seats and enjoy the finest dining with the beautiful interiors of Bacchanalia. 


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