Atlanta Brick Co the LEGO Destination

Atlanta Brick Co, a branch of United Brick Co, captivates attention as the world’s largest building brick toy store. With a remarkable expanse of 7,500 square feet, this magnificent establishment offers an extraordinary experience for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages. 

Upon entering, toy lovers are greeted by a paradise overflowing with a wide range of LEGO pieces thoughtfully arranged in pick-a-brick bins. Moreover, the store proudly presents a splendid exhibition of LEGO minifigures, meticulously organized by theme, elevating the immersive experience for every visitor.

The Journey and Expertise Behind Atlanta Brick Co

Address: 2826 GA-154, Newnan, GA 30265, United States

Phone: +1 470-414-2208 


Chris and Ed, the owners of Atlanta Brick Co, operate a locally owned small business in Newnan, Georgia, USA, approximately 30 minutes south of the Atlanta Airport. Since the late ’90s, they have been selling toys. 

They first met at New York Comic Con and realized they both lived within 5 miles of each other in Newnan. Combining Chris’ expertise and Ed’s wit, they opened a warehouse in 2015, focusing on Lego products for online distribution. They decided to open their warehouse to the public, establishing one of the world’s largest selections of Lego products available today.

Immerse Yourself in Themes

Atlanta's different LEGO Themes

Fans can explore an extensive range of themes here. The store caters to various interests and preferences, offering classic favorites and the latest releases. Captivating worlds like City, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Ninjago, Technic, and Friends await enthusiasts.

Discover The Joy Of Building With Sets

Building LEGO sets

One of the highlights of this LEGO store is its massive collection of sets. The store sells thousands of new, used, and discontinued sets. Whether you seek a beloved vintage set from the 1950s or the latest retail release, This place is a treasure trove for collectors and builders alike. You can immerse yourself in the joy of building with their diverse selection of sets.

Bring Your Creations To Life With Minifigures

Atlanta Brick Co takes pride in its collection of over 8,000 individual minifigures. They display these iconic characters by theme, adding personality and depth to any creation. Whether looking for a specific minifigure from a favorite set or seeking unique characters to expand your collection, this store offers an impressive variety.

Unleash Your Creativity With Bulk LEGO

For those with a vivid imagination and a desire to create their designs, this LEGO store offers a vast selection of bulk LEGO. Enthusiasts can handpick specific bricks they need from over 2,000 lbs of pieces available in pick-a-brick bins. The bulk LEGO section provides endless possibilities, from basic bricks to specialized elements, allowing you to bring your imagination to life.

Enhance Your Experience With Other Products

Other LEGO products at Atlanta Brick Co

In addition to themes, sets, mini-figures, and bulk LEGO. It offers a range of other products to enhance your experience. Explore their super cool third-party accessories for minifigures and MOCs (My Creations). 

You can personalize your creations and make them unique with custom accessories and custom-printed items. This store also features exclusive clothing, gear, and other merchandise for enthusiasts to showcase their love for the brick world.

Experience The Unique Offering of This LEGO Store

What sets this LEGO store apart from traditional retail stores is its commitment to providing a one-of-a-kind experience. Atlanta Brick Co offers products from any period in the toy’s history, not just the latest sets. This means customers can find the newest releases and vintage sets that hold nostalgic value.

Expansion To Orlando Brick Co

The success of this retail store has led to the expansion of United Brick Co’s presence with the addition of Orlando Brick Co., Located in Longwood, Florida. 


Enthusiasts have one ultimate destination: Atlanta Brick Co, a branch of United Brick Co. This world’s largest brick toy store has a vast selection of themes, sets, mini-figures, bulk LEGO, and other products. This store caters to fans’ diverse interests and preferences, from vintage sets to the latest releases. If you are searching for specific pieces, building your dream set. Even if you want to expand your Minifigure collection, this store is your one-stop.

However, If you are a LEGO lover and want to explore more, we have a list of Atlanta’s magnificent LEGO stores for you.

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