WildXAngel (Acquired by Regal Buzz)

WildXAngel was a website dedicated to dating disasters. With a lot of stories about how people have been scammed by dating sites, WildXAngel.com existed to warn people about all the things that could go wrong. From money scams to personal reputation risks, the website covered a lot.

Regal Buzz acquired WildXAngel in 2023 with a mission to take the platform even further.

The plan of action

We intend to write stories about the ill effects of online dating and how people should care about their reputation and avoid losing money in scams.

Where do we stand?

As of now, Regal Buzz is a platform that lists the best things to do in a city. We help residents and tourists explore a city’s neighborhoods with the best places to eat, drink and enjoy.

You may check out some of our articles in some US cities below:


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