Top 6 West Seattle Restaurants

Need to satiate your hunger pangs with some of the best West Seattle Restaurants? Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a lifelong resident, this area of the city features a diverse and dynamic food scene worth exploring. Furthermore, the magnificent waterfront vistas in this region are legendary, and they undoubtedly enhance the flavor of the food.

So, if you are in for great places to dine, West Seattle has many must-try restaurants that provide anything from classic Asian cuisine to the cheesiest pizza in town to a refined morning croissant.

West Seattle Restaurants – Our Top 6 Picks!

Check out this list of the 6 most excellent West Seattle restaurants and get ready for some stomach-churning delight.


Lady Jaye Smokehouse & Restaurant

Lady Jaye Smokehouse & Restaurant

Lady Jaye, regarded as one of the top restaurants in Seattle by both locals and tourists, should be on your list. At the same time you’re arranging your trip, set aside time to experience some of the Lady Jaye menu’s distinctive specialties.

Moreover, this West Seattle restaurant and smokehouse eatery will impress you with its year-round outside warmed patio and front-row seats to the 2,500-pound barbecue that offers all of Lady Jaye’s meats its characteristic flavor and aroma. Furthermore, the menu is constantly changing, so whether you have been there once or a dozen times, you’re bound to discover something new. While you wait for your meal, enjoy a great cocktail, such as the Guns N’ Rosemary or the Straw-Barry Manilow. After this restaurant experience, you may be inspired to get inventive in your kitchen, so swing by the Lady Jaye butcher shop to purchase a gorgeous cut of grass-fed local beef. 

In addition, you can acquire all the ingredients for a delicious meal at the butcher shop. Further, take a small portion of your West Seattle experience back with you in the form of a chunk of meat, and you’ll have a tasty souvenir.

Address: 4523 California Ave SW

Phone: +1 206-457-4029



Il Nido – West Seattle Restaurants

Il Nido - West Seattle Restaurants

This is a busy Italian restaurant with a chic log cabin on an Alki beach property. Moreover, this one of the West Seattle restaurants, is the ideal venue to rejoice in a special event, dimly lit with perfect lighting and a cozy ambiance. In addition, this eatery provides some of the most outstanding Italian food in the city. Moreover, combine it with their extensive wine list, and you’ll be in for a delectable meal.

Interestingly, the dishes here are made with precision using the finest ingredients. For starters, the Burrata salad with Prosciutto is fantastic. Moreover, the Prosciutto is exquisitely subtle and has just the proper saltiness to complement the fresh burrata.

Address: 2717 61st Ave SW

Phone: +1 206-466-6265



Mashiko Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Mashiko Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

This sushi restaurant is unique, as it is one of the country’s only luxury restaurants serving sustainably sourced sushi. Moreover, Mashiko not only has a fantastic aim that benefits the environment, aquatic life, and all humanity but head chef Hajime Sato’s dishes are also delectable. Furthermore, the guests must try the Red Violin roll and finish it off with Shiso Beer, available on tap. In addition, this West Seattle Restaurant also provides excellent green tea ice cream with fried brownies from the adjacent Bakery Nouveau.

Address: 4725 California Ave SW

Phone: +1 206-935-4339



Seattle Fish Company

Seattle Fish Company

This fish market on California Ave, close to Ma’ono, is not only one of the greatest spots to purchase seafood in Seattle, but it’s also one of the finest restaurants in the city, thanks to its delicious seafood shack offering.

While this West Seattle restaurant serves various delicious dishes, their chowder is a must-order here. Furthermore, you can buy it as a soup, a la salmon chowder, with some tomatoes and pieces of fresh Pacific Northwest salmon. Moreover, it tastes similar to clam chowder and cioppino, a classic Italian tomato-broth-based fish soup. Additionally, you may even get it atop fries for a Seattle twist on the standard poutine. Further, these fries are sufficient to feed two people, but no one will criticize you if you eat them all alone!

Address: 4435 California Ave SW

Phone: +1 206-938-7576



Pizzeria Credo – Among Top West Seattle Restaurants

Pizzeria Credo - Among Top West Seattle Restaurants

This Italian restaurant in West Seattle is a hidden gem, serving some of the world’s finest wood-fired pizza. Further, Chef Jacques Nawar oversees the restaurant’s superb cuisine and wine list. Moreover, the wood-fired pizza here is trendy, particularly the Con Carne, Parma, and Funghi. Aside from pizza, it is advisable to try the Caprese salad with homemade mozzarella and the house-made burrata. Furthermore, this is a location you won’t want to miss for sure.

Address: 4520 California Ave SW

Phone: +1 206-402-3784





Another on the list of West Seattle Restaurants is Ma’ono. Furthermore, lovers of fried chicken and Asian and Hawaiian fusion cuisine should visit this restaurant in West Seattle. Additionally, this eatery, with a clean, modern décor, delivers some of the most incredible fried chicken in the city and arguably the entire state of Washington. In addition, try their fried chicken, and reserve a spot both for your table at the restaurant and for the chicken itself, as it is in exceptionally high demand. Not just that, their whisky drinks, popcorn ice cream, and curry bacon fried rice are also quite delicious.

Address: 4437 California Avenue SW

Phone Number: +1(206) 935-1075



Thus, this brings us to the end of our list of some of the top West Seattle restaurants. Furthermore, while it is true that some of the world’s best restaurants may be found in West Seattle’s tucked-away cafés and dives, the city’s food has much more to offer. 

So whenever you are in West Seattle, make sure to visit any or all of these for a delectable experience. And if you want to look over the city’s skyline while having your food, check out these Seattle restaurants with a view.


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