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The Pink Door Seattle is the ultimate destination for the perfect Italian food. Moreover, this authentic Italian cuisine is one of those flavors that can take you to another world. Whether it’s the delicate flavor of pasta or the richness of a meat dish, Italian food is sure to please. So, if you’re looking for a delicious Italian meal in the city, look no further than this amazing place. 

Not just that, this Italian eatery aims to provide quality Italian cuisine at an affordable price. Further, this article has all the details you need to know about The Pink Door restaurant in Atlanta, from the menu to the atmosphere. 

We hope you enjoy reading as much as we did eating!

The Pink Door Seattle

Location: 1919 Post Alley

Contact number: +1 206-443-3241 


A Look Inside

The Italian restaurant is sure to please everyone with its romantic atmosphere and mouth-watering dishes. Since its opening in 1981, it has become a place where you can pair good food with a sense of culture, generosity of spirit, and community. Moreover, the venue’s atmosphere is fueled by owner Jackie Roberts’s warmth, the entertainment facility, and the friendly staff.

For entertainment purposes, they have a roving tarot reader, a trapeze artist writhing above the dining room, kinetic jazz ensembles, and popular cabaret acts. So, take advantage of the pre-reservation facility if you wish to enjoy all this, along with excellent Italian cuisine. However, if you fail to do a pre-reservation or don’t find a reservation, you are always welcome for walk-ins at The Pink Door Seattle.

The Pink Door Seattle- A Look Inside

Fresh Farm Concept

The Pink Door Seattle is dedicated to local and fresh Italian food and is an independently owned and operated restaurant. When you crave some uncomplicated Italian-American food for lunch or dinner, look no further than this renowned eatery. Additionally, the offerings derive from La Padrona’s family recipes inspired by Jackie’s days in her grandfather’s garden and her weekly Sunday gatherings. 

Furthermore, the owner took the local and fresh farm concept to another level before anyone else in 1981. During this year, she was busy making deals with farmer Pasquelina Verde to establish an Italian cuisine business. 

Menu at The Pink Door Seattle

This well-known restaurant’s menu features a wide variety of mixed cuisine, including pasta, antipasti, desserts, wine, and cocktails. The antipasti section of the food menu includes beef carpaccio, bagna cauda, ahi tuna crudo, crostini ai funghi, carne, arancini, antipasto of the house, cheese board supreme and more. 

Moreover, you will also fall in love with Seattle’s The Pink Door and their unique section that includes bitter winter salad, pink door caesar with chicken, pink door caesar with prawns, Insalata misticanza, etc. After your meal, do try their desserts as well. You can go for a holiday cookie plate, gingerbread sticky toffee pudding “coffee” and donut, pink door winter hot cocoa, and ricotta and cranberry tart. 

Menu at The Pink Door Seattle

Wine & Cocktails

What could be better than your favorite meal paired up with a glass of wine or cocktail? So, to make your evenings even more exciting, The Pink Door Seattle has some of the best collections of drinks. 

For wine, you can try turbiana, roussanne, greco di tuffo, nero D’ Avola / syrah, barbera D’asti, franciacorta extra brut, etc. All of these are the finest wines served at the restaurant. However, if you are more of a cocktail person, you will have numerous options. Some of the most popular cocktails are spritz invernale, post alley boulevard, the celery made me do it, the pink door mocktail, chilled rosemary vodka gimlet, and more.

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With these fantastic wine and cocktails recommendations, we hope you enjoy a beautiful evening at The Pink Door in Seattle. But for now, let us keep aside basic food and cocktails and talk about this eatery’s gift cards. 

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Gift Cards at The Pink Door Seattle

The most exciting concept of this Italian restaurant is its gift card options. Moreover, the place provides its customers with gift cards in increments of $25. Additionally, the cards don’t have any expiry date and are reusable. To buy these cards, you have to enter customer information and select the desired value at The Pink Door Seattle.  

The Bottom Line

After experiencing the exquisite flavors and atmosphere at The Pink Door Seattle, you’ll be eager to try out their recipes! Furthermore, this restaurant is perfect for a romantic night out with your loved one or an intimate gathering of friends. The food here is exquisite, and the service is impeccable, so don’t forget to try this amazing place.

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