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Tanoor Seattle is a renowned restaurant that offers exclusive dishes from the Middle East. Furthermore, it is heaven for food lovers who want to taste Lebanese grills, meze, and salads. Moreover, this family-owned restaurant was established by Wassim Fayed Tanoor, who is featured in many top magazines for his excellent entrepreneurship. 

Additionally, Tanoor in Seattle is home to the Best Business of the Year award. So, let’s have a look inside!

Tanoor Seattle 

Address: 803 Dexter Ave N, Seattle, WA

Phone: 425-961-0831


Tanoor Seattle is on Dexter Avenue N, which is a good residential area of Seattle city. Lake Union, a freshwater lake, is very close to this restaurant, which is a popular tourist spot. Hence, people living here or visiting this place can fulfill their appetite in Tanoor Seattle restaurant. Seattle is famous for its stunning scenic beauty, with rivers, lakes, forests, and green fields. So, diners love the surroundings and the ambiance of this restaurant.

A Look Inside!

A Look Inside- tanoor seattle

The wonderful views of mountains from the large windows of Tanoor Seattle are a crowd-favorite. Moreover, visitors also love the decorations of the restaurant, with artistic lanterns hanging on the arches, rendering a romantic feel to this place. Furthermore, the entire restaurant is decked to make it comfortable for people arriving here with their families for dinner. 

Fine-Dining at Tanoor Seattle 

The experience of dining in this restaurant is splendid for people of all ages. Furthermore, there are reasons why visitors flock to Tanoor in Seattle to enjoy sumptuous meals. Here are some specialties of the place:

  • 100% Halal-friendly meals are available here without offending any religious beliefs. 
  • Gluten-free food items are available here so that people suffering from celiac disease can enjoy delicious meals without injuring their digestive systems. Thus, people are saved from the dilemma of searching for celiac-friendly foods when they want to eat out in a restaurant.  
  • Moreover, complimentary pita bread is offered to all customers, and other delicacies in this restaurant. Furthermore, this tasty flatbread is a common food item in the Middle East and Mediterranean region. It is handmade and freshly baked here in a pita oven.

Catering Services 

Catering Services: tanoor seattle

Tanoor Seattle is well-known for the catering service available for large and small gatherings. Moreover, customers only need to place an order for a minimum of 10 guests and select the type of menu from the given list of this restaurant. Further, they can choose vegetarian dishes or meat items, accompanied by yellow rice, all of which are famous cuisines of the Middle East. Additionally, freshly baked pita bread is offered for free with all catering orders. There is also a Chinese section where customers can order Chinese cuisines of their preference. 

Affordability of Tanoor Seattle 

 According to the testimonials of customers, Tanoor in Seattle is the only 2 dollar restaurant where people receive more than what they pay for their food. The term ‘2 dollars’ means it is a moderately expensive restaurant where people can satisfy their appetites within a limited budget. 

Wrapping Up

 Thus, Tanoor Seattle is a famous restaurant in Seattle and the neighboring regions in Washington State. Additionally, you can relish numerous mouth-watering dishes from Lebanon and other regions of the Middle East in this restaurant. 

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Vibhuti is a passionate food blogger. She loves trying out new restaurants, cooking dishes with out-of-the-box ingredients, and sharing recipes with family and friends. When she's not blogging about food, Vibhuti enjoys traveling and exploring new places. You'll often find her searching for new flavors and dishes to enjoy. She is so crazy about food blogging that she recently took a 5 hours flight to Seattle just to try a cup of Turkish coffee at a newly opened cafe.

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