Rondo Seattle – A Special Japanese Kitchen

Rondo Seattle is the perfect Japanese kitchen to serve you the most authentic of meals. Japanese cuisine is healthy and delicious, but what makes it unique? Generally, it consists of fish, rice, and vegetables and is rich in goodness. It’s no wonder that people often love going to Japanese restaurants for such healthy delights. If you are one of them, you would definitely like to explore an eatery as popular as Rondo in Seattle.

Rondo Seattle

Address: 224 Broadway E

Contact- +1 206-588-2051


Rondo is an authentic Japanese cuisine-serving restaurant on Seattle Broadway. Here is all you need to know about this joint.

A Look Inside

Rando is a casual one-stop restaurant for all sorts of Japanese indulgences. Moreover, you can stop here for ramen, donburi bowls, Izakaya-style snacks, and a large variety of cocktails. Additionally, the Japanese food at this restaurant is prepared expertly. Rondo Seattle is known for its perfectly prepared miso ramen, broth, and oxtail dishes. Furthermore, you can savor delectable parfait, pudding, and ice cream. So, start your meal with some delectable whiskey, beer, or wine. Some visitors advise trying the amazing matcha, matcha latte, or lemonade. Bring your pals to this location for a romantic ambience. In addition, the comfortable decor is a big plus.

The Exquisite Food at Rondo Seattle

Rondo in Seattle serves lunch and “early dinner.” Donburi, often known as rice bowls with protein on top, and ramen and mazemen, frequently referred to as broth-less ramen, each has its menu area. Moreover, a standard set menu includes heavier fare like Japanese hamburger steaks, tonkatsu, miso soup and rice. Further, the trio of desserts included two Kyoto-style matcha, hoji-cha parfaits, and homemade yuzu ice cream.

The Exquisite Food at Rondo Seattle

At Rondo Seattle, there is always a balance between flavor, quality, and cost. Moreover, they offer a lunch plate with a wide range of foods for only $20. You would be pleasantly surprised to hear that you would get all three meat options, not a choice between three. The cod fry is a staple delicacy here. The steak is also above-par fantastic, and the sashimi is better than many other restaurants in the town. Some little thing to enjoy here is the addition of extra ingredients on top of the dishes. For instance, you would love the addition of avocado to the green salad.

In addition, the croquette and California roll are yet another all-time favorite among the tasty cuisine. For first-timers, it’s a must to try out the Rondo Maze-Men noodles that come with fresh local seasoning. Moreover, there are happy hours, too. Now, isn’t that tempting? 

The Décor

The overall décor seems fun and exciting. There is a vibe at Rondo Seattle that urges you to enjoy your food to the core. Further, the fun extends to every inch of the walls and windows. Interestingly, Rondo translates to ‘dragon palace’, adding to the intrigue of the place for visitors. Not just that, you can see the vintage action figures and the rainbow of specific cartridges of video games here. All of these are set against the blue-tiled display at the restaurant. You can easily detect some famous names such as Legos and Dragon Quest.

Japanese Kitchen at Rondo Seattle

At Rondo Seattle, you can easily opt for order takeout thanks to the larger kitchen, something the owners could not accomplish at their earlier ventures, Suika and Tamari Bar. Since Rondo is not amidst notably cramped surroundings, the plan allowed room for a spacious kitchen.

Japanese Kitchen at Rondo Seattle

Rondo’s kitchen is so big that there is a bar as well, which is an unfriendly plan for nightlife. Because of this, service tends to start earlier. But even if you eat at Rondo in Seattle before sunset, the meal should still have that izakaya-style fun. The owner installed a Japanese highball machine that creates an art form of fizz. He also serves other drinks with bubbles, such as champagne, beer, cider, and his homemade ginger ale.


We hope you enjoyed reading about Rondo Seattle, perhaps, your next favorite restaurant. Once you visit this place for traditional Japanese cuisine, you will want to keep coming back. Moreover, the food is try-worthy, the service is above expected, and the atmosphere is lively. In short, this restaurant should definitely be on your next to-do list among other restaurants in Seattle.


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