Revel Seattle For the Best Korean Food

Revel Seattle is the ultimate Korean restaurant that provides various options when it comes to food. Nevertheless, with so many Seattle restaurants, choosing the best one for you can be challenging. But don’t worry, this fantastic restaurant has everything you need. 

Revel in Seattle is a decade-old restaurant that serves Korean street food in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. The two-partner Chef Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi keep updating the menu with new twists. Well, you would want to visit the restaurant for some Korean street food. So, let’s have a look inside! 

All About Revel Seattle

Address: 401 N 36th ST, Seattle

Phone: 206 547 2040


Revel returned to the Seattle dining scene in 2020, quickly establishing itself as a favorite spot for locals and tourists. From its sleek design and contemporary menu to its impressive wine list and AAA rating, Revel Seattle is everything you could want in a restaurant. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Revel so special and how you can make a reservation today to enjoy all it offers.

What to Expect at Revel Seattle?

The unique selling point of Seattle’s Revel is its modern and inventive cuisine. Moreover, the restaurant features a variety of dishes, such as Kimchi Pancake, Short Rib Wontons, and Oyster Mushroom Poke. Another exciting feature of Revel is the extensive wine list. Furthermore, the restaurant provides assistance to help diners find the perfect wine for their meals.

Revel Seattle ambience

In addition to its delicious food and wine, Revel Seattle also offers an amazing atmosphere. In addition, the restaurant features an open kitchen where people can watch the chefs at work. The walls are covered in artwork, giving the restaurant a unique look and feel.

Revel in Seattle is an excellent option for anyone looking for something different in Seattle restaurants. The innovative cuisine and impressive wine list make it an excellent choice for any occasion, while its open kitchen and stylish atmosphere make it a great place to visit on date night or relax with friends.

The Ambience of Revel Seattle

When you walk into Revel Restaurant in Seattle, the first thing that you see is the portrait of Randy Savage. Moreover, the restaurant’s walls are decorated with paintings, including animals and flowers. The decor is classic and elegant, with dark wood floors and white walls.

You can feel the energy and vibe in the room as soon as you walk in. The vibe of this restaurant is “luxurious and inviting.” Revel Seattle is located on top of a hill and has a fantastic view of the city. Moreover, the restaurant offers outdoor, indoor, and bar seating. It also has a rooftop seating area.

Food & Drinks at Revel Restaurant

The food at Revel is simply amazing. They have a limited list of dishes but what is available is impressive. Moreover, it offers vegetables, wantons, kimchi, and rice, making it a great place for an evening with family and friends or a romantic dinner to enjoy Korean food. Interestingly, the service is impeccable, and the staff goes out of their way to make your experience perfect. Revel Seattle is perfect if you’re looking for a special night out!

Food & Drinks at Revel Restaurant

Revel Restaurant in Seattle is a top spot for food and drinks. Furthermore, the restaurant has a cosmopolitan feel with its chic decor and an excellent list of wines, from sparkling and red to white and rose. There are also specialty cocktails and draft beers. So, if you’re looking for something to accompany your meal, the restaurant has an extensive list of drinks that will have something for everyone.


Revel Seattle is a must-visit destination for any food lover! The restaurant has an extensive menu that features everything from wanton to kimchi. But what makes Revel so special? It’s the attention to detail — every dish is made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and uses only natural flavors. This Korean restaurant is worth checking out if you’re looking for a unique dining experience.

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