Top 7 Gay Bars in Seattle

Seattle is one of the most gay-friendly cities in the US, and that’s why there are many gay bars Seattle has to offer. These bars are not only limited to great cocktails but they also provide a safe space for people to enjoy and have the time of their life. 

Gay bars in Seattle are the most exciting places to find like-minded people. Welcoming hosts serve quality cocktails. The best bars offer an opportunity to meet some exciting people. Furthermore, the bars recommended in this post got the best ratings for their service and support for the gay community. 

Gay Bars Seattle

So without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the most inclusive and gay bars in the city:




This truck-themed gay bar has become the center of attraction for thousands of visitors. Moreover, mozzarella stick-shift, MACK & cheese, Trucker Clucker& fries, and many such items are found on the menu that makes things pretty exciting. 

This gay bar Seattle promotes itself as the best place to enjoy beer. Many bikers and visitors prefer Diesel over other bars because it is spacious and pretty comfy to enjoy the evening. 

Address:1413 14th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, United States

Contact No. +1 206-322-1080



The Crescent Lounge – Gay Bars Seattle

The Crescent Lounge - Gay Bars Seattle

It is the most popular LGBTQ drive bar in Washington State. Furthermore, you should visit this place if you never wish to spend the evening in an insanely crowded place. 

Moreover, this gay bar in Seattle is perfect for enjoying smooth and memorable parties. You can also showcase your talent by performing at the bar. 

Address: 1413 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98122, United States

Contact No. +1 206-659-4476


Neighbours Nightclub

Neighbours Nightclub

Known for running epic shows and exciting features on both floors, the Neighbours Nightclub is the oldest LGBTQ nightclub in the city. Many people say that this nightclub encourages community members to rebel and admire the way they are. 

Furthermore, it has welcomed gay couples since 1983. Moreover, this gay bar Seattle has actively participated in the city’s drag scene, and it has also helped many community members. Many underage patrons visit this place to enjoy dancing and some quality beverages. 

If you are planning to visit the Neighbours Nightclub, check its latest opening hours. Furthermore, it will become your favorite destination in Seattle to meet other like-minded people and enjoy their company. 

Address: 1509 Broadway, Seattle

Contact No. +1 206-420-2958



The Cuff Complex 

The Cuff Complex 

The Cuff Complex is a nightclub and a reputed gay bar in Seattle. The founders wanted to welcome users who were into Levi’s, Leather, and Uniforms. Furthermore, it became a positive social outlet for the LGBTQ community members. Moreover, Cuff was opened in 1993, and it has been one of the main gay bars in the city since Randy Fields bought this place. 

Additionally, people often host social gatherings and meetings in this Seattle gay bar. Many gay communities were formed in this place, and they are spreading awareness across the country. Therefore, The Cuff Complex is a must-visit location. 

Address: 1533 13th Ave, Seattle

Contact No. +1 206-323-1525


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Purr – Gay Bars Seattle 

Purr - Gay Bars Seattle 

This famous gay bar in Seattle has recently moved to Mountlake from its previous location in Capitol Hill. Furthermre, it was a cocktail lounge, and now it has become a popular nightclub and an entertaining bar. 

There are numerous screens in Purr playing music videos throughout the night. Moreover, special weekend brunch and a delectable menu make Purr an astonishing destination for people. 

Address: 2307 24th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112, United States

Contact No. +1 206-325-3112


Seattle Eagle 

Seattle Eagle 

Seattle Eagle is a classic leather gay bar in Seattle that people consistently search for in all the major cities of the USA. Further, it is probably the best-decorated gay bar in the city. Black painted walls, chain-link fence, and moody back patio make this place pretty entertaining. 

Additionally, there are pool tables to enjoy some billiard games if you don’t just wish to sit and drink. In short, this bar frequently organizes themed parties. Interestingly, you have to check Instagram updates to find the latest theme and join others in the celebration at this gay bar in Seattle. 

Address: 314 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122, United States

Contact No. +1 206-621-7591

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Timbre Room

Timbre Room

This Seattle gay bar has become a famous destination for enjoying live music and underground electronic music. Additionally, it promotes the queer culture and invites gay visitors from all over the country. 

Moreover, this bar is located in the Danny Triangle neighborhood, and it is proudly queer-operated and owned. Not just that, this place should be among your favorite gay bars in Seattle if you prefer EDMs with delicious cocktails. 

Address: 1809 Minor Ave, Seattle

Contact No. +1 (206) 682-2935


If you are searching for a gay bar Seattle has to offer to enjoy some major football or NBA games, or a memorable evening with your partner, visit one of the above-listed bars. These nightclubs and bars have top ratings for their service. Besides, they have been established specially to entertain LGBTQ community members. Further, you will get the best booze and a refreshing environment to enjoy some unforgettable nights in Seattle. 

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