El Corazon Seattle – Best Live Music Venue

El Corazon Seattle is one of the top music venues in the city. Ultimately, this is the perfect spot for you to enjoy a unique live music experience. 

Moreover, this music venue in the city might seem like a random name, but once you explore the history of this place, you might like it more. Furthermore, it has become a popular destination in the city to enjoy music along with delicious food. So, without further delay, let’s have a look at El Corazon!

El Corazon Seattle

Address: 109 Eastlake Avenue East

Phone: (206) 262-0482


History of EL Corazon Seattle

When Dana Sims started his live music venue or nightclub in Seattle in 2005, the name was El Corazon. In Spanish, the meaning of this word is The Heart. Moreover, it has been functioning as a bar, club, or live music venue since 1910. Furthermore, El Corazon has many well-known bands with their launch in Seattle.

History of EL Corazon Seattle

In addition, the venue was the place of the 1990’s grunge explosion that completely changed music and Seattle. El Corazon in Seattle was the place where Pearl Jam and the band hosted their first five shows. On the other hand, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains all started their journey from here. Now, isn’t that interesting?

Launching Pad for New Bands

It is not wrong to say that El Corazon Seattle is also a perfect launching pad for new Seattle bands. Moreover, the place is well-known for hosting popular world tours and extensive records like Aiden, 3 Inches, Macklemore, The Fall of Troy, Monster Scare You, Schoolyard Heroes, and more.

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While most live music venues in Seattle have been shuttered, this place still contributes to the scene, offering people a great source of entertainment. Furthermore, this venue has a tri-amplified house system, 6 bi-amplified monitor mixes, 17k watts speakers’ system, and more to create the thrill. It still hosts international and national acts and offers local bands a platform to create their foundation. 

However, the place offers the ultimate concert experience to its guests. El Corazon Seattle is the best place in Seattle to see a live music show, play a show, enjoy a drink and spend memorable moments with your friends.

El Corazon Seattle - Best Live Music Venue

VIP Programs

If you love attending live music shows regularly, then choosing El Corazon’s VIP Program will be an excellent option. Furthermore, they offer an unlimited package called The Whole Enchilada and a 12-show pack. In short, you can enjoy unlimited shows and other benefits.

Wrapping Up

El Corazon Seattle is a heaven for music lovers, contributing to the unique musical culture of the city. Whether you love orchestra or jazz music, this city will never disappoint you. Moreover, you can enjoy live music shows of different bands throughout the week. Check out their upcoming events and book your tickets to have the best time in Seattle


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