Best Tacos in Seattle – Top 5 Picks!

Best Tacos in Seattle are available at the most authentic Mexican restaurants in the city. Tacos are a crowd favorite; we crave them sporadically and other times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! We have made a list of the top places to eat tacos in Seattle so that you can taste delicious flavors from around the world but with a side of sizzle.

Best Tacos in Seattle

Here is a breakdown of the various restaurants promising to offer the best tacos in the city. So, let’s have a look at the top 5 places! 


Tacos Chukis

Tacos Chukis

Not only the Tacos Chukis are famous for traditional Mexican food, but they are also popular online. Furthermore, the trademark in-house Tacos Chukis is available here: an adobada pork taco with melted cheese, grilled pineapple, onion, cilantro, salad, and guacamole. Other options include baby burritos, mulitas, quesadillas, nopal asado and tortas. You can also order your choice of meat fillings. Furthermore, the beer list also embraces guests’ interest with thought-provoking options. Customers can order the best tacos in Seattle online as well through the website. Additionally, the pricing is affordable, and the service is on-point-straightforward and fuss-free. 

Location- 219 Broadway E

Contact- +1 206-905-8537



Taqueria la Fondita for Best Tacos in Seattle

Taqueria la Fondita for Best Tacos in Seattle

For people looking to savor an entire Mexican cuisine along with tantalizing tacos, Taqueria la Fondita food truck does not disappoint. Though the settings and ambiance might be relatively inexpensive, the level of service and the number of flavors in the dishes take center stage. Asada and the Pastos tacos are the most ordered option for people exploring traditional tacos. Moreover, some of the best tacos in Seattle are served with a double tortilla with caramelized onion. Furthermore, tortas, beans, burritos, and rice are equally delicious.

In addition, the company has two locations close to the block. Interestingly, the place often gets full during weekend hours. Don’t forget to try the classic combo plates from their menu. 

Location- 9811 15th Ave SW

Contact- +1 206-551-0529



Rancho Bravo Tacos

Rancho Bravo Tacos

The Rancho is famous for offering traditional Mexican street food amidst a well-organized outdoor covered seating. In 2002, Rancho Bravo Tacos began as a food truck on the East Side. Since then, this place for Seattle’s best tacos have expanded into four: Fremont, Wallingford, Capitol Hill, and now on the Ave close to the University of Washington. Interestingly, the main concept here is that high-quality food does not have to be expensive. The majority of the menu items, including salsas, tamales, horchata, and pozole, are created from scratch.

Moreover, the team values good food just as we do. Rancho strives to provide a high-quality Mexican culinary experience at a reasonable cost. Their service quality signifies that the team sincerely likes making people happy. Some major menu highlights include tacos, chicos, tacos grande, hard shell tacos, nachos, tamales, tacos selection, and a wide variety of meat. 

Location-  Parking lot, 1001 E Pine St



Taqueria Cantina – Belltown

Taqueria Cantina - Belltown

If sidewalk tables are your thing, head on to the Taqueria Cantina without second thoughts. The modern and upscale setting will lure you in with the best tacos in Seattle, Mexican platters, and cocktails. While food is available all day, Brunch is quite interesting here. In addition, you get the finest options, such as chips and salsa sampler, holy queso, vegan tacos, mega guacamole plate, chorizo con huevos, breakfast nachos, and a variety of other options. The liquid menu is extensive and equally enticing. There is a particular category for non-alcoholics too. In short, the restaurant offers dine-in, takeaway, and no-contact delivery options. The Taqueria operates with two branches, one from Belltown and the other Downtown. You can easily explore the menu online and place an order. 

Location- 2630 1st Ave

Contact- +1 206-995-8588



El Grito Taqueria – Best Tacos in Seattle

El Grito Taqueria - Best Tacos in Seattle

El Grito is a lively Mexican restaurant offering some of the best tacos in Seattle and a dynamic bar. Moreover, the main highlight of this venue is the outdoor and heated seating for that extra comfort. The heated patio acts as a platform for conversations that goes till night. You can also enjoy the food from El Grito as they offer takeaway options. The taco variations include chicken tinga, marinated steak tenderloin, fried cod, tres tacos, carnitas, and cactus with pepitas.

Interestingly, there is a vast menu for drinks too. The categories include margaritas, slushies, el Grito classics, vino, and Cerveza. Additionally, this is also a particular category for non-alcoholic drinks. The venue offers a homely environment with attractive interiors made to pop up with indoor plants. 

Location- 234 Fairview Ave N

Contact- +1 206-659-4552



The best tacos in Seattle are served at some of the top diners. Tacos might act as a side snack for various meals. However, their popularity has risen across the world in recent times. Luckily, you will find plenty of core Mexican restaurants that will give you the experience of indulging in the best tacos. The options listed above won’t disappoint you. Always feel free to call the restaurants before heading on to the venue. 

Enjoyed tacos? Now try some seafood in Seattle.


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