Bar Harbor Seattle – Perfect Spot for Seafood

Bar Harbor Seattle provides a fantastic ambiance of patio seating, mouth-watering dishes, and more to visitors. So, if you are interested in relishing a sophisticated meal or an elaborate luncheon, this amazing eatery has an East Coast-inspired seafood menu that is innovative yet comforting. 

Located at the base of the 400 Fairview Building, the restaurant has a charming vibe to it. So, let’s explore more about this fantastic restaurant in this article! 

Bar Harbor Seattle

Address: 400 Fairview Ave N.

Phone: (206) 922-3288



The Fantastic Menu

At Bar Harbor Seattle, food takes inspiration from the essence of the city. Moreover, the menu goes well with the homely and chic vibe of the restaurant. Further, the recipes are subtle yet filled with innovative options. 

Bar Harbor Seattle Menu

Here are some of the most favored options from the menu:

Rolls & Sandwiches: Seattle’s Bar Harbor is known and loved for its Lobster Roll. The menu includes BBBLT, Roast Chicken Sandwich, Pesto Shrimp Roll, and Crabby Melt. They are perfect for takeout and even if you dine in. 

Chowders & Salads: Their Chowder is the talk of the town. But if you wish to grab something healthy and refreshing, the salads here are the best options. The Lobb Salad with bacon, Cobb Salad, Crab Cake Arugula Salad, and Ahi Tuna Poke Salad are a must-try. 

Appetizers: At Bar Harbor Seattle, you can choose from several appetizers like – the Meat & Cheese charcuterie platter, Dungeness Crab Stuffed Eggs, the Lobster Mac & Cheese, and the subtle Chickpeas, among other things. 

Mains: The mains here are the epitome of a seafood-themed menu. The Crab Cake Burger, Impossible Meatball Sub, Pork Belly “Bahn Mi,” and Downeast Shrimp & Grits will leave you wanting more.

Desserts:  Lastly, they have delicious desserts like the Whoopie Pie and Fluffernutter with a Shot of Milk. 

The Uniqueness of Bar Harbor Seattle?

Are you wondering what makes the place stand out from the rest of the eating joints in Seattle? Let’s look at some of the things that make it a special place to dine out:

Bar Harbor Seattle ambience

Patio seatingBar Harbor has the perfect outdoor setting. Further, it feels refreshing and leaves the visitors with a calming and rejuvenating experience. Moreover, their modern decor and the homey atmosphere are the cherries on top of the cake.

Events: If you are planning to host an event or gathering, Bar Harbor Seattle is perfect. They take reservations for such events beforehand for a smooth experience. 

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Draft Beer: Other than your timeless glass of wine or a soda, they are also known for their draft beer. In addition, it pairs perfectly with the seafood, and well, who would mind a bubbling glass of beer?

Happy Hour: Bar Harbor in Seattle is back with its happy hours. It means you can get a dollar off on Oysters and $5 off on Lobster Rolls, among other delicacies.

Order online: When you wish to sit in bed while bingeing on your comfort food from Bar Harbor Seattle, you can order online from their website. This magnificent place is the perfect option for a lousy weekend or a house party. 

Wrapping Up

Bar Harbor Seattle takes its seafood seriously, just like other places for seafood in Seattle. When it comes to the menu, many options will leave you impressed. Not just that, the restaurant is the perfect space for events and even intimate meals. Moreover, the aesthetics combined with their timeless menu have a long-lasting impact on their customers. So, don’t wait too long to try some seafood in the city and relish all the amazing flavors. 


Vibhuti is a passionate food blogger. She loves trying out new restaurants, cooking dishes with out-of-the-box ingredients, and sharing recipes with family and friends. When she's not blogging about food, Vibhuti enjoys traveling and exploring new places. You'll often find her searching for new flavors and dishes to enjoy. She is so crazy about food blogging that she recently took a 5 hours flight to Seattle just to try a cup of Turkish coffee at a newly opened cafe.

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