Top Spots For Thai Food Miami

Thai Food Miami is popular among the top restaurants in the city. So much so it is almost surprising to imagine that there are so many excellent restaurants for Thai food in the city. Furthermore, there is a restaurant in every neighborhood in the greater Miami area, from North Miami down to Palmetto Bay, that serves authentic Thai cuisine.

Because life is too short to eat bland Thai food, try some vibrant curries or spicy vegetable dishes out there.

Restaurants Serving The Best Thai Food Miami

Below is the list of the most popular restaurants serving Thai food in Miami.


Lung Yai Thai Tapas

Lung Yai Thai Tapas

At this amazing restaurant for Thai Food Miami, there are several different kinds of curry, including red, green, Panang, and massaman. 

Also, you can try the yum ped, a crispy duck salad with chillies, pineapple, cashews, and a spicy lime sauce. Moreover, don’t forget to order the Palo moo soup, which features a pork broth with spices, a pork belly that is juicy but crisp, tofu, and shiitake mushrooms. The catch is that you are only allowed to place one order, so you should take your time with the process and make sure that you are entirely prepared.

Address: 1731 SW 8th St, Miami

Contact Number:  +1 786-334-6262



Daek Thai Eatery

Daek Thai Eatery

Daek Miami is a restaurant that specializes in Thai food Miami. Furthermore, it is known for its delectable menu options, created using traditional Thai cooking techniques and ingredients. In addition, the restaurant is located in Miami and offers a unique dining experience showcasing Thai cuisine’s diverse flavors and aromas.

Not just that, it features an extensive menu that includes a wide variety of dishes, from classic Thai curries and stir-fries to more innovative options like their signature grilled pork jowl. The restaurant also offers a selection of appetizers like Edamame, Baby Back Pork Ribs, Pork Dumplings, Beef Jerky and more. 

Address: 3470 N Miami Ave, Miami

Phone: +1 786-636-6196


Sushi Siam for Thai Food Miami

Sushi Siam for Thai Food Miami

If you are in Brickell and are craving Thai food in Miami, this location of Sushi Siam is the best option. Sushi Siam has eight other sites. The extensive menu offers every conceivable variation of Thai cuisine, and the kitchen staff is well-versed in reducing heat.

 Compared to the usual prices in Brickell, all lunch selections cost less than $14, making them an excellent deal. Ordering the Pad Thai is a good way to simplify things because it comes with a pile of noodles that can satisfy even the most hungry customer.

Address: 931 Brickell Avenue, Miami

Contact Number: 786-220-7677





If you still haven’t heard of Chef Bee after all this time, we would like to know if you even eat Thai food Miami. After wowing with Oishi Thai, Chef Bee astounded the people with NaiYaRa at Sunset Harbour. A low-key establishment that has been dressed up to meet the standards of SoBe, the menu makes references to local Thailand in a manner that is very Miami. 

Hanoi baskets have been converted into hanging light fixtures, Indonesian teak tables, a hand-painted elephant mural, and columns with copies of Thai journals and newspapers draped over them. The food follows suit, as Bee gives a contemporary spin on the Thai street food he ate throughout his youth. Dishes like spicy and sweet chicken wings, beef jerky with a woodsy Nahm jim jao sauce, fried garlic bok cabbage, and more are just some items on the menu.

Address: 1854 Bay Rd, Miami Beach

Contact Number:  +1 786-275-6005



Khaosan Road Coral Gables

Khaosan Road Coral Gables

Khaosan Road Coral Gables is a popular restaurant in Coral Gables known for its authentic Thai cuisine. Furthermore, this restaurant honors its heritage by serving dishes that take customers on a culinary journey around Southeast Asia. The proprietors hope that by doing so, they will bring a little bit of Thailand to Coral Gables. 

Moreover, you can try the delicious appetizer jumping shrimp, which consists of shrimp cooked in spicy paste, lime juice, scallion, red onions, and cilantro. Not just that, you can also try Kao moo dang, which comes with roasted barbecue pork, chicharron, Chinese sausages, and boiled egg, all of which are topped with a delectable sauce. Both of these dishes are highlights of the Thai Food Miami. 

Address: 157 Giralda Ave, Coral Gables

Contact Number: (305) 444-2397



Bonding For Thai Food Miami

Bonding For Thai Food Miami

A few blocks away from the Miami River and next to the Underline walking trail is where you’ll find the Asian-inspired Bonding restaurant. Moreover, Brickell City Center is a shopping center located directly across the Street. Interestingly, traditional Thai food is served at this hip and trendy Bonding restaurant, which features modern design and décor.

Furthermore, this restaurant for Thai food Miami is the place to satisfy your appetite if you have a passion for seafood. You will appreciate the fresh ingredients available here. To begin your meal, you can have the King of the Sea soup, which features an abundance of marine delicacies that would make even Poseidon happy. After that, you can choose between the seafood clear noodles or the pineapple shrimp fried rice, including some delicious cashew nuts.

Address: 638 S Miami Ave, Miami

Contact Number:  +1 786-409-4796



Sea Siam

Sea Siam

You’ll discover Sea Siam tucked away in a strip mall in the Pinecrest neighborhood. When you visit this spot for Thai food in Miami, you will see a bustling restaurant that caters to families. Furthermore, there is also a dimly lit, seductive bar where you and other barflies can select your beverage in relative obscurity. In any case, the prices are reasonable, and the food is genuine. 

You can look forward to dishes such as pla lad prig, a crispy, whole-fried snapper served with sour, sweet, and spicy chili sauces. Try the ped nam dang, a dish with pineapple, cashews, vegetables, and crispy duck.

Address: 12735 S Dixie Hwy, Miami

Contact Number:  +1 305-233-5599



These restaurants for Thai Food Miami typically focus on serving flavorful dishes with the most authentic flavors. So, now that you have this list of the top spots, you can try them and pick your favorite hangout spot with delicious Thai food. 


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