Sweet Liberty Miami – Best Bar in the City!

Sweet Liberty Miami is the perfect place to get drinks after a long week. Moreover, this is one such place that is loved by locals and is also enjoyed by tourists and travelers. Let us take you through all the fun that Sweet Liberty provides to make your holidays more exciting. 

Explore Sweet Liberty Miami 

Address: 237 20th St, suite b, Miami Beach, FL 

Contact: +1 305-763-8217


Sweet Liberty in Miami is said to be one of the best bars in Miami. Furthermore, it is not only the best drinking place but also serves good food along. You can find the place near the bass art museum in the collins park area. Not just that, there are world-class cocktails for you to enjoy, along with a variety of delicious American food. The place was started by a famous and award-winning bartender John Lermayer and is operated by Dan Binkiewiczi, David Martinez, and Michelle Bernstein.

Sweet Liberty Miami ambiance 

Furthermore, this spot serves a great menu selection, including food and drinks. News times has awarded Sweet Liberty to be the best bar in Miami. The ambiance inside the bar gives a relaxed vibe, shows a sign of happiness, promotes happiness based on the short duration of life, and encourages people to drink and enjoy as much as possible. Not only this, but they also have arrangements for good and live music for its people. 

Exploring the Sweet Liberty Miami

Here are a few things that you can explore at this amazing spot in Miami:

  • Their hospitality is world-class, the service is fast, the staff is helpful, and the environment feels comfortable. 
  • The Happy Hour at the Sweet Liberty Miami is hyped for all the good reasons. You get to eat the highest quality food at the happy hour menu with godspeed servicing. 
  • Sweety Liberty in Miami is one of the 50 best bars in North America. 
  • The list of spirits in the bar includes more than 1000 different bottles. 
  • The menu is full of eateries which include a healthy selection, lots of spritzes, and also a martini one. 
  •  They serve classic drinks as well as the new unique innovations which everyone in the house loves. 
  • The Sunday brunch at Liberty is the coolest thing you can experience when in Miami. 

Classic Drinks at Sweet Liberty Miami

Classic Drinks at Sweet Liberty Miami

A few classic drinks are served at the bar, including Giant’s Milk (rum Agricole, dark rum, condensed milk, passionfruit, pressed lime, cinnamon, and fire). The new trendy drinks include the Banana Negroni (scotch, Italian bitters, vermouth, chocolate bitters, Szechuan pepper, sesame oil, fresh banana, and smoke). The food menu at Miami’s Sweet Liberty is as good as its drinks. You cannot miss the oysters if you are at Liberty. The menu is very much in sync with the South Florida taste. Their dishes include bar fares like shishito peppers and lobster mac and cheese. 

Wrapping Up

So, the next time you plan to have a few drinks, you can give Sweet Liberty Miami a shot. Get along with your friends, pick them up, and go party at this amazing spot because it will treat you to your favorite drinks and delicious food and happiness poured into your glasses. No place can be more perfect!


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