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Up for a movie? Rooftop Cinema Club Miami provides a unique outdoor screening experience. Moreover, the guests can enjoy popcorn, candies, beverages, cuisine, and games while watching a movie overlooking city skyscrapers and sunsets.

Furthermore, the South Beach location first appeared on the Miami landscape in June 2022 and has since been a popular destination for a night beneath the stars. The facility has a wide variety of films for every movie buff to enjoy, not to forget that every area is photo worthy!

Rooftop Cinema Club Miami

Address: 1212 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach


Miami’s first rooftop cinema is in a prime location in South Beach. Also, the property’s parking garage is accessible through 16th Street and Alton Road. In addition, the guests can even take the garage lift, or if they are coming via the street, they can use the elevator/staircase directly beyond the SunLife Organics juice bar to the 6th-floor Rooftop.

A Unique Experience

The rooftop cinema club Miami offers its guests a unique experience. Here are a few highlights of the rooftop cinema:

  • Except for Mondays, screenings are held daily, with two showing every night. 
  • The tickets include comfortable seating (either single Adirondack chairs or loungers) and wireless headphones that ensure the sound is incredibly clear and the volume is just perfect.
  • Guests can enjoy tasty drinks from the bar and some fantastic games against the backdrop of the city skyline. 
  • Moreover, by coming early, they can even grab some classic movie concessions, a choice of food options, and their seats. 
  • It is only for guests 18 years and older; kids are not allowed at the moment.

Seating at Rooftop Cinema Club Miami

Rooftop Cinema Club Miami ambience

The club offers comfortable seating with three distinct sorts of tickets: 

  • A single Lounge Seat for one
  • An Adirondack chair, for one, and 
  • An Adirondack Loveseat for two

With adjustable seat heights and lots of legroom, the deckchairs at Rooftop Cinema Club Miami allows you to lie back and relax beneath the stars.

Moreover, the Standard tickets cost anywhere between $19.75 to $29.75. Also, the cost is based on the kind of ticket and the day of the week.

Bring Your Own Blanket (BYOB)

A Rooftop, as you know, isn’t a Rooftop without a nice, pleasant breeze! Having said that, they strongly advised people to BYOB – Bring Your Own Blanket.

However, if you don’t get one and require a blanket after you get at the event, they have got you covered (quite literally). Wind-proof, Rooftop Cinema Club-branded blankets are available for purchase to keep you warm, snug, and comfy. Not only will it make an excellent souvenir, but you can also bring it with you each time you come to the Rooftop and receive a free meal!

Iconic Films at Rooftop Cinema Club Miami

Rooftop Cinema Club Miami’s every event is hand-picked with personalized service and includes cult films, classics, and the latest releases. Moreover, they curate a monthly series of events with unique aspects to make your favorite movies even more special. Besides this, the club also offers games, giveaways, talent Q&As, movie premieres, sing-a-longs, and other activities. 

Rooftop Cinema Club Miami food


Self-parking is provided on floors 2-5 of the building’s garage (via the property’s side entrance off 16th Street and Alton Road). Once validated, the garage provides self-parking for $10 (up to 3 hours). Also, the box office stamps guests’ parking tickets with a validation stamp.

Food and Drinks

Rooftop Cinema Club in Miami offers delicious candies and movie snacks at the box office, which you may find on their Concessions Menu. Throughout the screening, they have a full bar and food menu that can be purchased at the bar and food stations.

The cinema club in Miami offers an exquisite range of foods and drinks, including:

  • The concessions menu includes fresh popcorn, beverages, and classic candies like Twizzlers, Skittles, Chocolate M&M, and so on.
  • Bar Menu includes cocktails, Wines, Non-alcoholic drinks, hard seltzers, beer, bubbles, and spirits& liquors.
  • The food Menu includes lite bites like hummus and nachos, Gourmet hot dogs, and Stone Fired Pizza.


All experiences must be memorable; that’s why Rooftop Cinema Club Miami is on a quest to transform your regular movie nights into cinematic events unlike any other. 

Planning a movie night for your special event? Head to the rooftop cinema for a memorable experience.

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