Pho Miami Restaurants To Explore

Pho Miami restaurants are popular Vietnamese eateries for people in the city to explore. Furthermore, Pho has become a popular dish in Miami, with a diverse range of Vietnamese and fusion restaurants offering this classic noodle soup. Moreover, the city’s warm climate and diverse population make it a perfect place to enjoy a comforting bowl of Pho year-round.

There are many excellent pho restaurants to choose from in Miami, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top ones in this article. These restaurants offer the best combination of authentic flavors, fresh ingredients, and comfortable atmospheres.

Pho Miami Restaurants

Here are our picks for the best Pho in Miami.


Pho Mo

Pho Mo

Pho Mo is a prominent pho restaurant in Miami, noted for its unique broth and numerous protein selections. Moreover, the ambience is pleasant and relaxed, with bright furnishings and a welcoming feel. You’ll discover a range of pho selections on the menu, including classic beef pho, chicken pho, and vegetarian Pho. Furthermore, the outstanding dish at Pho Mo’s is the characteristic pho broth, created with a combination of spices and slow-simmered for hours to generate a rich, savory taste. In addition to Pho, the menu also features a selection of appetizers, sandwiches, and rice dishes.  

Address: 1601 Drexel Ave, Miami Beach, FL 


Pho 78 Restaurant


Pho 78 is a hip pho Miami eatery that delivers a modern, elegant ambiance with clean and contemporary décor. The restaurant is noted for its customized pho selections, enabling diners to choose their favorite broth, noodles, and protein combinations. Moreover, you can try their signature Pho Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup from the menu. Furthermore, it comes with rice noodles in beef broth, a thinly sliced meal of your choice. There are also some scallions, onions, and cilantro on top. Additionally, there are beansprouts, basil, cilantro, lines, and jalapenos on the side. In addition to Pho, this place also features a choice of banh mi sandwiches, rice dishes, and refreshing drinks. 

Address: 7849 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL

Phone: +1 954-989-6770



Phuc Yea – Pho Miami Restaurant

Phuc Yeah-35

Phuc Yea Pho Miami is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Miami. The restaurant serves a wide variety of Pho, a famous Vietnamese noodle soup, as well as other traditional dishes. The menu is full of excellent dishes and in-house specials. Moreover, you can try the Smoked Short Rib, which comes with Pho spiced hickory smoked whole beef short rib, caramel, herbage, fish sauce, and sesame. 

Address: 7100 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 

Phone: +1 305-602-3710



Basilic Vietnamese Grill

Basilic Vietnamese Grill

Basilic Vietnamese Grill in Miami is the best place for pho Miami aficionados. Their menu is packed with a range of authentic pho selections, from basic beef pho to unique versions like shrimp and tofu pho. Furthermore, the broth is always thick and aromatic, and the ingredients are always fresh and perfectly cooked. Additionally, their pleasant personnel and warm setting combine for a fantastic eating experience. Whether you’re searching for a comfortable bowl of Pho or some great Vietnamese food, Basilic Vietnamese Grill is a must-visit in Miami.

Address: 14734 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami Beach, FL 

Phone: +1 754-238-2620



Pho Mi 2Go for Pho Miami

Pho Mi 2Go for Pho Miami

Pho Mi 2Go in Miami is the best destination for tasty and genuine Vietnamese cuisine. Every meal is crafted with quality ingredients and a dash of traditional spice, from their substantial bowls of Pho to their delectable spring rolls. Not just that, the restaurant features a comfortable and relaxed ambience, great for a quick lunch or a casual meal. If you’re searching for a new dining destination in Miami, look no further than Pho Mi 2Go – you won’t be disappointed!

Address: 17010 W Dixie Hwy, North Miami Beach, FL 

Phone: +1 786-916-2790



Miami has no shortage of great pho Miami restaurants, but the top ones on our list stand out for their authentic flavors, fresh ingredients, and comfortable atmospheres. We hope you enjoyed reading about these famous eateries for Pho in the city. Check them out and pick your next favorite spot. 


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