Osaka Miami for Best Japanese Cuisines!

Osaka Miami is a Japanese restaurant that offers a wide variety of Japanese dishes, including sushi, tempura, and noodles. Moreover, the restaurant also has a full bar, serving cocktails, beer, and wine. The restaurant is open for fine dining, and reservations are recommended. Not just that, Osaka also offers catering services for private events. If you’re looking for a delicious Japanese meal, check out Osaka in Miami!

All About Osaka Miami 

Address: 1300 Brickell Bay Dr, Miami

Phone: +1 786-627-4800


Osaka Miami, an internationally acclaimed Nikkei restaurant, opened its doors in Miami in July 2019. Further, the highly anticipated restaurant in Brickell is well known for its traditional Japanese cuisine and various American and fusion dishes.

Osaka Miami ambience

At Osaka in Miami, dining is an experience that engages all the senses. It has created a unique atmosphere that is unlike anything else in Miami. The award-winning chef-owners here, Roger Quispe and Juan Urrutia, bring their expertise in Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, respectively, to create dishes that are stunning and bursting with flavor. In addition to their inventive cuisine, they also offer a full-service bar with a wide selection of sake, wine, and cocktails. And the restaurant’s modern and chic dining room is the perfect setting for a night out with friends or a romantic evening.

Furthermore, the Japanese and Peruvian cuisines are quite flavorsome and will provide you with a meal to remember. The Osaka restaurant guarantees you will enjoy the tuna tataki, the scallops, and the salmon nigiri. They also have delicious ice cream that is a must-try. Moreover, don’t forget to taste or eat a great match of snacks and excellent coffee.

Osaka Miami Menu

Osaka Miami menu features traditional Japanese cuisine and a variety of American and fusion dishes. They also have a full bar, which offers an extensive selection of beer, wine, and sake. 

Osaka Miami Food

Check out the specialties from the main menu:

  • Check Ceviches
  • Tiradito
  • Makimono
  • Nigiris
  • Makimono
  • Zensai
  • Tokusen
  • Seika

Although the food is fantastic, the restaurant also provides some great drinks for you to try: 

  • Selection of fine Wines
  • A delicious blend of Cocktails
  • Classic Osaka Style Mocktails
  • Beer
  • Whisky
  • Single Malt Scotch
  • Rum
  • Vodka, Gin, Tequila
  • Mezcal
  • Cognac

The Best of Osaka Miami

Osaka Miami BEST FOOD

Osaka Miami is a highly-rated restaurant that offers a unique blend of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. Moreover, the menu is extensive, featuring a variety of dishes that are expertly prepared using the freshest ingredients. One of its unique selling points is its blend of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, offering diners a truly unique dining experience. Additionally, the restaurant is known for its high-quality ingredients and expertly prepared delicious and beautifully presented dishes. The atmosphere at Osaka in Miami is also noteworthy, with an elegant and stylish decor that creates a sophisticated and upscale dining environment.

Not only that, locals and tourists have praised the restaurant for its fresh seafood, delicious sushi, and warm atmosphere. The Osaka Miami Restaurant is one of the best places to visit when in the city. The flavor combinations are unique and unforgettable.


Osaka Miami is a modern Japanese restaurant that offers an authentic and unique dining experience. The restaurant is known for its excellent location, attentive and patient hostesses, and affordable prices. Osaka is also known for its modern decor and relaxed atmosphere. 

Overall, Osaka is a unique restaurant that offers a truly exceptional dining experience.


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